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2010 AJL Orchestra Model 14 fret D Hole Code AC779  Euro 3900  SEE IT?

60's AIRLINE Jumbo Cutaway  Natural Spruce top Maple back and side Maple neck with bound Rosewood fingerboard Code AC138   Euro 2250   SEE IT?

1965 BURNS - HANK MARVIN  White EX+ Code VA76 - Euro 7000  SEE IT?

80's DAION THE 79 BR 6 Strings Exc+ cond. Code AC61 Euro 1650  SEE IT?

80' DAION THE 78-12 HERITAGE 12 Strings with Shadow Piezo Pickup Ex+ cond. Code AC71 Euro 1750  SEE IT?

1936 DOBRO Model 32 GOLD RARE OHC code AC83 - Euro 4300  SEE IT?

2000 DOBRO Model 60G Sunburst Mint Conditions  code AC104 - Euro 1390   SEE IT?

2018 EASTMAN AR503CE N.O.S. New unplayed, 1Pickup 1Cutw OHC  code VA70  Euro 1550  SEE IT?

1970 EKO RANGER 12 EL  12 Strings Natural  Fishman Rare Earth Pickup code AC63 -  SEE IT?

1980  EKO  E85 Black  Made in Italy Super! code AC103 - Euro   SEE IT?

70s'  EKO  EL DORADO 6 Natural Made in Italy Super! code AC139 - Euro   SEE IT?

70's  EKO  Ranger 6 EL  Original magnetic pickup T&V Made in Italy Super! code AC76 - Euro 700   SEE IT?

70's EKO RANGER 12 EL  12 Strings Natural code AC59 -  Euro 800  SEE IT?

1963  EKO 500 4V Red -sparkled, 4 pickups, Tremolo EX+  code VA55  Euro 1650  SEE IT?

1965 EKO Semiacoustic Model 290/2V Barracuda VI, Florentine THIN -LINE Double Cutaway Cherry Red,  code VA17-  Euro1100   SEE IT?

2018 EASTMAN AR503CE N.O.S. New unplayed, 1Pickup 1Cutw OHC  code VA70  Euro 1550  SEE IT?

1962 FENDER DUO-SONIC Sunburst, All Original with Orig. Case  code FE22 Euro 4600  SEE IT?

1957 FENDER DUO-SONIC Desert Sun, All Original with Orig. Case  code FE14 Euro 7300   SEE IT?

1965 FENDER JAGUAR, Olimpic White, Dot inl, and binding, RW, EX+ code FE16 Euro 8750  SEE IT?

1966 FENDER MALIBU, Natural, Made in USA, maple neck, sprue top, mahogany sides and back code AC90- Euro 2500   SEE IT?

1965 FENDER MUSTANG Dakota Red, 100% Original &Rare European Case EXC code  FE46 - Euro 4300 SEE IT?

'66 FENDER MUSTANG Dakota Red, Rosewood fingerboard, new case code  FE25 Euro 3600  - SEE IT?

1966 FENDER MUSTANG BASS Dakota Red, RW fingerboard, EX code BA18 - €4500   SEE IT?

1975 STARCASTER, Olimpic Withe, Original Case, MN EX+ code FE23 - Euro  SEE IT?

1965 FENDER TELECASTER, Blond, , RW, OHC  EX code FE5050 -  Euro Call SEE IT?

1965 FENDER TELECASTER, Blond,  RW, OHC EX+ code FE199 -   Euro Call SEE IT?

1973 FENDER TELECASTER, Blond, Maple Neck, EX  code FE146  - Euro 5600  SEE IT?

1969 FENDER TELECASTER, Sunburst, RW, Rare color with rosewood fingerboard EX code FE50 - Euro Call  SEE IT?

'69 TELECASTER, Blonde, MN, Original BIGSBY,  code FE13- Euro 9900  SEE IT?

1975 FENDER STARCASTER, Sunburst Flammed, Original Case, MN EX+ code FE45 - Euro  SEE IT?

1964 STRATOCASTER, Sunburst, Pre CBS  All Original OHC code FE19  Call  SEE IT?

1972 FENDER STRATOCASTER, Sunburst, RW,  Very Good Cond.. All Original,  stag pole piece code FE18 Euro Call   SEE IT?

1972 FENDER STRATOCASTER, Sunburst, RW,  Excellent Cond. All Original,  stag pole piece code FE21  Euro Call   SEE IT?

1974 FENDER STRATOCASTER, Natural, stag pole piece, white pickguard, MN, All Original Mint Cond. code FE20 Euro 5000 SEE IT?

'76 STRATOCASTER, Sunburst, Maple Fingerboard, EX  code FE26 - Euro 4100    SEE IT?

1979 FENDER STRATOCASTER, Antigua, Maple Neck, Original Pickguard, EX+ code113 - Euro 3400   SEE IT?

1978 FENDER STRATOCASTER Lefty,  Sunburst, Black pickguard, EX+  code LH12 Euro 3350   SEE IT?

1977 FENDER PRECISION BASS Sunburst, Rosewood Fingerboard, EX code BA13 -  € 3450    SEE IT?

1966 FENDER JAZZ BASS Sunburst, Dot and  Binding OHC code BA21 - 11.500  €  SEE IT?

'76 FENDER JAZZ BASS Olimpic White, MN Neck, EX code BA24  € 3950   SEE IT?

2002 GALLAGHER DOC WATSON Cutaway EXC code AC84 - Euro 3650   SEE IT?

1965 EPIPHONE BROADWAY Model  E252 Sunburst, Made in Usa Kalamazoo , 2 Pickups, one Cutaway, code GI85   Euro 4750  SEE IT?

1987 Chet Atkins CE Classical Electric Nylon Strings  Natural code GI87  Euro 3600   SEE IT?

1967 GIBSON EB2D Sunburst, 2pickups, Near Mint Cond. code BA9-  SOLD

1972 GIBSON EB-0 Cherry  Hard Case excellent conditions code BA17-  € 1850 SEE IT?

1968 GIBSON EB3 Cherry, NO VOLUTE 2 Pickups EX code BA62 -   SEE IT?

1949 GIBSON ES-125 Sunburst One original skinny cover P90, 100% original code GI111   Euro 3900  SEE IT?

1981 GIBSON ES-175 CC  Tobacco Sunburst with Charlie Christian pickup in super conditions code GI19 SEE IT?

1982 GIBSON ES-175 CC  Tobacco Sunburst with Charlie Christian pickup in super conditions code GI60  SEE IT?

'56 GIBSON ES-225 T Sunburst one P90 Exc condition code GI92 - SOLD

1968  GIBSON ES-330 Cherry Red, Bigsby, 2 P90  EXC  code GI17 SOLD

1967 GIBSON ES-335TD Sunburst, trapeze tailpiece,2HB Pat. Number Black Sticker, only 2596 made, Near Mint code GI62  Euro 10500  SEE IT?

1970 GIBSON ES-345 TD Stereo Lefty, Cherry Sunburst, 2HB Patent Number Black Sticker, EX code LH20   Euro Call SEE IT?

1068 GIBSON ES-345TD Stereo/Mono Cherry Red, vari-tone, EX+ code GI76 - Euro 11.500   SEE IT?

1970  GIBSON ES-335 TD Walnut, 2 Pat. Number Black Stickers PickUps,  EX code GI40 - Euro SEE IT?

1971 GIBSON ES-335 TD Ice tea Sunburst, 2 Pat. Number Black Stickers PickUps,  Near Mint Cond. code GI16 - Euro 6900  SEE IT?

1972 GIBSON ES-335 TD Walnut, 2 Pat. Number Black Stickers PickUps, Excellent Cond. code GI64 - Euro 5800  SEE IT?

1979 GIBSON ES-335 Sunburst, Rosewood fingerboard,  near Mint Cond. code GI58  Euro 5150  SEE IT?

1988 GIBSON ES-335 Sunburst, Rosewood fingerboard, near Mint Cond. code GI45  Euro 3800  SEE IT?

1974 GIBSON LES PAUL SIGNATURE  GOLD TOP  Double Cutaway, Semi-hollow Body, Excellent Condition W/ Orig. Hard Case code GI71 -  Euro 6100   SEE IT?

1979 GIBSON LES PAUL 25/50 ANNIVERSARY Sunburst, two Original Gibson super HB pickups OHC EX+  code GI56 -  Euro  SEE IT?

1979 GIBSON LES PAUL 25/50 ANNIVERSARY Sunburst, two Original Gibson super HB pickups OHC EX+  code GI84 -  Euro  SEE IT?

1974 GIBSON L5S  Cherry Burst, Nice Flam Maple Top Neck Back and Sides 555 only made, EX+ code GI68- Euro 7000  SEE IT?

1969 GIBSON LES PAUL DELUXE Golt Top , EX  code GI42  Euro Call  SEE IT?

1974 GIBSON LES PAUL CUSTOM  ANNIVERSARY  Lefty, Black, Kalamazoo Made, EX+ code LH23 CALL  SEE IT?

1974 GIBSON LES PAUL CUSTOM LEFTY, Cherry Sunburst, Kalamazoo Made, Exc. Cond,  code LH24  Euro CALL  SEE IT?

1974 GIBSON LES PAUL DELUXE Gold Topt, 2 mini HB, Mahogany Neck, EX code GI74 - Euro CAll SEE IT?

1980 GIBSON LES PAUL DELUXE Natural, 2 mini HB, top one piece, mint cond. code GI57- Euro CAll SEE IT?

1996 GIBSON LES PAUL STANDARD JIMMY PAGE Sunburst Flammed 1 Editions Near Mint Cond. code GI65 -  Euro  SEE IT?

1969 GIBSON SG SPECIAL Cherry Red 2 P90  EX  code GI54 - SOLD

1972 GIBSON SG PRO PROFESSIONAL Cherry Red 2P90 Bigsby EX code Gi80 -  Euro  SEE IT?

1971 GIBSON SG STANDARD, Walnut  2 Gibson PAF Tar Back, EX+ code GI 83 - Euro 3500  SEE IT?

1974 GIBSON SG CUSTOM LEFTY, Walnut Color,Very Rare, Excellent +++ Conditions SUPERB ! code LH21  - Euro 6800  SEE IT?

1998 GIBSON SG STANDARD LEFTY, Cherry Color, Near Mint Conditions OHC code LH26 -  Euro 2600  SEE IT?

1976 GIBSON MARAUDER Natural, Maple Neck and Rosewood fingerboard code GI63 - Euro 2100  SEE IT?

40's GIBSON MASTERTONE SPECIAL LAP STEEL  Brown crinkle finish, excellent and original condition code GI93 - Euro 850  SEE IT?

1964 GIBSON B25/12, Cerry Sunburst, 12 Strings, Fixed Bridge version EXC  code AC32   Euro 3000  SEE IT?

1966 GIBSON B25/12, natural,12 Stings, EX+ OHC code AC86  SOLD

1973 GIBSON  DOVE CUSTOM, EXC + Natural OHC code AC79  Euro 4600 SEE IT?

1963 GIBSON FJN Natural “ Folk Singer” Beautiful conditions 100% Original  code AC97  Euro 4150   SEE IT?

1966 GIBSON J-50 ADJ Natural EX code AC48  Euro 5700  - SEE IT?

1964 GIBSON J-50 ADJ Natural, EX code AC62 Euro 7300  - SEE IT?

1964 GIBSON J-50 ADJ Natural, EX code AC29  Euro 6500   - SEE IT?

1950 GIBSON J-45 Sunburst, EX code AC12 - Euro  9200  SEE IT?

1965 GIBSON J-45 Cherry Sunburst, EX code AC118 - Euro 6500  SEE IT?

1962 GIBSON J-45 Cherry Sunburst, EX code AC17 - Euro 6700   SEE IT?

1963 GIBSON  J-160E CUSTOM BEATLES Sunburst, Orig. p90 pick-up, code AC159 - Euro 14.000 SEE IT?

1929 GIBSON L-1 Brown Sunburst Spruce top mahogany back&sides, rare original hard case code AC28 - Euro 7500  SEE IT?

1929 GIBSON L-0 Mahogany, EX  code AC117 - Euro 7200  SEE IT?

1957 GIBSON LG-1 Sunburst, EX  code AC56  - Euro 4000   SEE IT?

1959 GIBSON LG-1 Sunburst Near Mint Conditions code AC16  Euro 4550 SEE IT? 

1960 GIBSON LG-3 Natural spruce top, Mahogany back and sides. code AC140  Euro 4950  SEE IT? 

1948 GIBSON L-50 Sunburst code AC87 -  SOLD

1838 GIBSON L-50 Sunburst, converted to a Charlie Christian Model with a period pickup  code GI86   Euro 5300  SEE IT?

1935 GIBSON TG-00 Sunburst #2087 – 18 FON Made in Kalamazoo Michigan Great “V” shaped neck code AC64 - Euro 3500   SEE IT?

1965 GIBSON  HUMMINGBIRD Cherry Sunburst, Mahogany back & sides,Exc C. Code AC22  Euro 6350   SEE IT?

1966 GIBSON  HUMMINGBIRD Cherry Sunburst, Mahogany back & sides,Exc C. Code AC40  Euro 7200   SEE IT?

1966 GIBSON  HUMMINGBIRD Natural, Mahogany back & sides, Exc C. Code AC158  Euro 7400   SEE IT?

2019  GIBSON HUMMINGBIRD DELUXE Lefty Custom Shop Rosewood Burst Mint Conditions code LH52   Euro 4300   SEE IT?

1938 GIBSON RECORDING KING, Sunburst,  Exc. Cond. Code AC18 Euro 3500 SEE IT?

1962 GUILD STARFIRE II Cherry Red 2 Pickups De Armond, 100% Original with OHC code VA80  Euro 4700  SEE IT?

GUILD CAPRI CE100  Cerry Sunburst  code VA84  Euro 3500   SEE IT?

1977 GUILD D50 NT 1978 Natural code AC43 - Euro 3500  SEE IT?

1978 GUILD D50 NT Natural code AC95 - Euro 3350  SEE IT?

1975 GUILD F40  Blonde code AC55  Euro 3500   SEE IT?

1975 GUILD F40  Sunburst code AC65  Euro 3500    SEE IT?

1973 GUILD F50  Natural code AC116  Euro 4400   SEE IT?

1968 GUILD F212 Natural 12 Strings  code AC85  Euro 3200   SEE IT?

1978 GUILD G37-BL 1977 Blonde code AC52  Euro 3000   SEE IT?

1966 GUILD M-20 Mahogany Excellent Conditions AC778 - Euro 3500  SEE IT?

'72 GUILD  D-35  Lefty Rare RW,  EXC  code LH30   Euro 3500  SEE IT?

40's HAGER Lap Steel "Singing Hager Guitar" lap steel Green finish on the top. code VA60 Euro 800  SEE IT?

1960 HOFNER  PRESIDENT 6 Strings Violin Sunburst, two Pickups, EX code VA78 Euro 1900  SEE IT?

1982 IBANEZ  V-500 TV Sunburst Perfect neck and frets, low action, Made in Japan RARE code AC72  - Euro   SEE IT? 

1973  IBANEZ CONCORD Mod.647  6 Strings Natural, good frets, Hard Case code AC73 - Euro 850   SEE IT? 

75's IBANEZ CONCORD 12 Strings Mod. 58095  Sunburst Gig Bag code AC74 - Euro 550  SEE IT? 

1976 IBANEZ  CONCORD Mod. 752-12 12 STRINGS Black straight neck and good frets, low action, Made in Japan Hard Case code AC64- SOLD

60's KAY JUMBO, Natural  Made in USA “the poor man J200" code AC100 - Euro   SEE IT?

1925 KONA Style 3 HERMANN C. WEISSENBORN  HAWAIIAN code AC23 - Euro 4800   SEE IT?

60's MEAZZI ZODIAC (RARE)  Original Vintage White Hard Cas code VA64  SEE IT?

1964 MARTIN D-28 Natural Top  Bazilian Super! code AC115 - Euro 15.500   SEE IT?

1964 MARTIN D-28 Natural, Bazilian  code AC123 - Euro 14.500    SEE IT?

1973 MARTIN D28L Lefty,  RARE Super Sound low action, any breakups or repair OHC EX code LH17 -  € 6000  SEE IT?

1972 MARTIN  D-28, Natural, EX+ code AC68 - Euro 4250  SEE IT?

1974 MARTIN  D-28, Natural, EX+ code AC81 - Euro 4100   SEE IT?

1975 MARTIN  D-28, Sunburst, EX+ RARE code AC69 - Euro   SEE IT?

1954 MARTIN 0-15  Natural Mahogany beautiful Brazilian fingerboard code AC30  SOLD

1955 MARTIN 000-18 Natural, Brazilian fingerboard and bridge, code AC60 SOLD

1951 MARTIN 00-17  Natural Mahogany Brazilian fingerboard code AC54  Euro 6300   SEE IT?

1930 MARTIN 0-18  Natural Pre War, Mahogany back and side Brazilian fingerboard code AC110  Euro 12.500    SEE IT?

1951 MARTIN 0-18   Natural Fabulous conditions code AC32 SOLD

1951 MARTIN 0-18  Natural Mahogany stunning instrument code AC82  Euro 6000   SEE IT?

1973 MARTIN D-18  Dreadnought body, solid spruce top, mahogany sides, back and neck, code AC109  Euro 4000   SEE IT?

1974 MARTIN D-18  Dreadnought body, solid spruce top, mahogany sides, back and neck, code code AC34  Euro 4000   SEE IT?

1969 MARTIN  D-35 Natural Brasilian EX+++ code AC96 - SOLD

1971 MARTIN  D-35S  Natural Rare 12 fret slotted headstock EXC+ code AC35 - Euro 4950  SEE IT?

1974 MARTIN  D-35 Natural, EX code AC108 - Euro 4200    SEE IT?

1975 MARTIN  D-35 Natural, Pickups RARE EX code AC69 - Euro 3950   SEE IT?

2002 MARTIN HAWAIIAN Auditorium Limit Editions 424 of 500 Made in USA  code AC90 - Euro 1500  SEE IT?

1932 NATIONAL STYLE O  12 fret metal body, early style with flat F’s code AC36  -   Euro 6200  SEE IT?

1928 NATIONAL STYLE-1 Tricone Round Neck, Early model Pat. Pending code AC107 -  Euro 9850  SEE IT?

1974 ORANGE OR120 AMP code AM26 € 2900  SEEIT

1935 OAHU 71 K Square Neck Sunburst  code AC93  - Euro 2150  SEE IT?

Circa 1900 PARLOR code AC39 - Euro 1350  SEE IT?

1973 RICKENBACKER BASS 4001 Mapleglo STEREO EX+  code BA14 Euro 4650   SEE IT?

1974 RICKENBACKER 480 Burgundy GLO, EX + code VA21- Euro 2800   SEE IT?

'60 SILVERTONE  Mod. 1457, Red Sparkle 1 pick-up lip stick Soft Cas code VA35   Euro 1100  SEE IT?

'60 SILVERTONE  Mod. 1457, Red Sparkle 1 pick-up lip stick Soft Cas code VA13   Euro 1200  SEE IT?

'90 VALLEY ARTS Steve Lukather Model Signature Series Limit Editions Sunburst,RARE, code VA85 CALL SEE IT?

60's VOX STUDENT PRINCE Sunburst 1 Pickup, Hard Case. code VA65  Euro 950 SEE IT?

66' VOX MARK VI ACOUSTIC Cherry Red, 6 Strings, Vibrola, EX code VA24 Euro Call  SEE IT

60's VOX STARSTREAM TEARDROP  Sunburst 2 Pickup, Hard Case. code VA32  Euro SEE IT?

1964 WANDRE Davoli COBRA Bass Green/Black color 2 Pickups RARE code BA11 Euro    SEE IT?

Circa 1930 WEISSENBORN Style 2 Koa code AC92 - Euro 4600  SEE IT?

1931 WEISSENBORN Style 1 Koa code AC38 - Euro 4200  SEE IT?

VOX  AC30 Top Bost JMI Product 2x12" Grey Bullet, 1965 AM105 €4500  SEEIT