70's ASAMA  "The Asama" Les Paul copy with Effects Black RARE Excellent conditions near Mint. Code VA06

"The Asama" Singlecut with onboard effects. These guitars were made in Japan with some effect unit inside. Phase with adjustable by the speed and level pot. The distortion it’s a 70’s sound, the boost function is very usuable gives a nice powerboost to the signal. Treble/normal switch, switching to treble in wich position all basstones are cut off gives a very thin and nasal sound. You can switch the whole unit on and off with the bypass switch and there is a led indicator built in that indicates the on/off status off the effect unti and by how bright it burns you can get a indication of the condition if the battery. Plays good, good feeling neck. Probably guitars were made at the Maya factory in Kobe. Comes in a professional LP case as you see in photo.