1974 RICKENBACKER 480 Burgundy GLO, EX + code VA21

Very comfortable guitar, straigh neck, frets are in excellent condition, the truss rods working well. All original! Comes with hard case.

RICKENBACKER made the 480 between 1973 and 1984. All the 480 Series models (the 480, 481 and 483) had cresting wave style bodies like the famous 4000 series basses. Despite its cool looking body shape the 480 never caught on in the same way as the 4000 series bass models but are collectible due to their relative scarcity. Unlike most Rickenbackers the 480 model has a bolt-on neck and a 25 inch scale length. The 480 was available in the full range of Rickenbacker finishes It has become famous for being the "sister" of the famous bass often used by Paul McCartney of the Beatles the Rickenbacker 4001, in fact it has the exact same shape. Solid Body electric guitar with 24 frets with original features (massive bridge-block-strings in fusion, 'horse-shoe' pickup in vintage versions ..) with cream white dots as frets, contoured body and high gain pick-up. Patti Smith, Sergio Pizzorno from Kasabian (version 481), Dr. Wheels from Rambling Wheels, Alex Zeella and Matt Zeella From The Capozeella. Generally used by particular bands or artists and niche musical genres such as Indie rock or electro rock.




Patty Smith

Dr. Wheels from Rambling Wheels

Sergio Pizzorno