'67 HOFNER  459-VTZ  Violin Guitar Fuzz and Treble Booster 2 pickups Tremolo EX+ code VA98

This is a very rare Hofner 459-VTZ Violin Guitar  that was a top of the line model in the 60's most famously used by The Beatles. Figured Maple back and sides. Braz. Rosewood fingerboad , perfect neck straight and very good frets. Well working tuners on tune. This guitar appears to be in very good condition for its age. It is completely functional with minor cosmetic wear such as checking lines and slight decoloration on the pearl inlays due to aging.  The guitar counterpart to the legendary Hofner violin bass. Made in West Germany and features hollowbody construction and built-in Fuzz and Treble Booster circuits! Plays well with a chunky neck. The fuzz circuit is amazing with a classic "fuzz face" type of sound and can be used in conjunction with the on-board treble booster or each effect can be used independently. 22 Frets - 1.69 Nut Width - 3-Way Pickup Selector - Volume, Tone, Treble, Fuzz Boost Controls. This has basically two active circuits, perfect for your psychedelic rendition of Ina Gadda Da Vida. One, the “T,” was a treble boost. Throw the switch and (most of the time) the treble kicks in for that biting, blow your mind solo! The other, the “Z,” is a built in fuzztone distortion circuit. Want nasty? Throw that switch and (most of the time) you get that nasal idea of distortion that was big in the Summer o’ Love. “Most of the time” is basically because not everything that worked perfectly back in ’67 still does. Come with the correct vintage case as you see in photo