Vintage 1983 Fender London Reverb Guitar Combo Amplifier Code AM30

Very clean in excellent conditions! the Concert, Montreux, and London series make perfect "all around" amps. Features common to all amps on this page include: Channel Switching. You get a clean channel with classic Fender tone controls (including a Bright switch) that's ideal for rhythm work, plus a totally separate lead channel with separate Volume, Gain, and Master controls, plus either active dual midrange controls or midrange boost. Abundant, controllable gain gives you any desired level of overload distortion and sustain. Reverb. Fender's lush reverb is available on both lead and normal channels. Effects Loop. The ideal place to patch in your effects devices for a cleaner, fuller sound. Fully adjustable Send and Return levels allow matching any effect perfectly.
London Reverb Series
No city has done more to shape modern music than London. And no amp will do more to shape tomorrow's music than the amazing new London Reverb. Flexibility is what the London Reverb is all about -- more flexibility than you've ever seen in a compact amp. The effects loop and Graphic EQ are assignable to both channels, and are switchable along with reverb and channel selection. With 100 watts and the acoustic benefits of a larger cabinet, the all-new London is ready for any assignment. The London Reverb uses two 10" heavy duty speaker.

Output Power (RMS, 5% THD): 100 Watts 2 Channels. Tone Controls (Channel 1): 2 + mid-boost + pull bright + programmable graphic eq
(Channel 2): 4 + pull bright + graphic + programmable graphic eq Effects: Channel Switching, Dual Reverb
Effects Loops: Yes w/level controls and programmable Circuitry: Solid State Speakers: 2-10" Weight/Lbs: 48