'63 EKO 500 4V  Pearl-sparkled, 4 pickups, Tremolo All Original Nice neck with Rosewood fretboard, low action, good frets ready to play EXC come with original Case  code VA180

Eko was one of the bigest instrument manufacturer in Europe in the 1960's. Based in Italy and originaly manufacturer of Accordions, Eko started making Guitars at the end of the 1950's and grew to become one of the biggest European manufacturer, building guitars for brands like Vox, Welson, Goya... On top of being visually striking and highly original compared to its American counter part, Eko proposed a different feel and a different sound than most of the guitars and basses out there in the 60's. The result is instruments with looks and sounds you won't find anywhere else... probably one of the reason why collectors are nowadays very interested in the Ekos.


 1963 EKO 500/NO/4V  Woodgrain, Gold-sparkled plastic binding, 4 pickups, Tremolo EX+  code VA554

Type and serial number Eko 500-4V Hazelnut, serial # n/a
Body type 14-Inch double cutaway, Fender Mustang-type solidbody with bolt-on neck, hazelnt vinyl top and brown vinyl back.
Scale length 25 Inch (63,2 cm)
Neck width Nut: 1,7 inch (43 mm), 12th fret: 2,1 inch (53 mm)
Fingerboard wood, frets Rosewood, 21, zero fret
Headstock Blackbpund peghead with black bell-shaped trussrod cover
Tuners White plastic Eko tuners
Overall lenght 42 Inch (105 cm)
Width lower bout 14 Inch (35 cm)
Overall depth 1,25 Inch (3,5 cm)
Binding Gold-sparkled plastic binding along the side of the body. White binding along fingerboard and headstock.
Fret marker style White-plastic "plus" markers
Tail piece Nickel Eko tremolo with white plastic tip
Bridge Adjustable nickel bridge
Neck type Round flat
No. and type of pickups Four (2+2) white single coil Eko pickups
Controls Two hazelnut plastic knobs on pickguard (lower treble bout). Six white tone selector switches (M, 1, 4, 1+4, 2+3, 0) on pickguard (above pickups).
Pickguard Raised, brown with red flakes, white/black/white bound plastic, "tortoise-type" pickguard with integrated pickups, white plastic knobs, plastic raised white Eko logo on upper bass bout, and jackplug input.


Brigitte Bardot plays an Eko