1919 GIBSON F-2 Mandolin, Violin Sunburst, in stunning shape for it’s age! The pickguard and bracket are missing. Crack line on the top under pickguard. Perfect neck angle with low action. The instrument is in good working order, plays well and sounds good. A beguiling sounding instrument, this Gibson F-2 is expressive and rich, with a clean presence, and slightly dark compliment of overtones. Excellent balance, power, and throw. The frets are in very good conditions ready to play. Comes with original hardshell case.

The Gibson F-2 appeared in 1902 and was built until 1934. It was one of the results of Orville Gibson’s inspired blending of violin, mandolin and guitar construction styles, which influenced many subsequent designs. The F-2 has an oval sound hole, which is now found only on A-style instruments. The oval soundhole was also found on many arch-top guitars until the mid 1930s, and afterwards it was replaced with F-holes almost universally.