60's ARISTON Bartolini Mod. Valentina Sunburst  Vibrola 3 Pickups with 3 selector for all combination set, Made in Italy all original in good conditions, all working, come with Original Hard Case by "Polverini" hard caseCode VA68


Ariston – Bagnini
The BAGNINI in Rome (Italy) of the commendator Alberto Bagnini was a large distributor of consumer goods among which there were naturally accordions, and then, with the advent of the beat, guitars and amps for beginners. They branded their ARISTON instruments except for the PAOLO SOPRANI accordions and some sporadic guitars. They had their headquarters in the Spanish Steps and a branch in the Esquiline.
Bagnini also sold by mail through a catalog and provided for the payment in installments. The widespread distribution and the low economic effort required guaranteed huge sales volumes. In the first few years the instruments were produced by Paolo Soprani. Bagnini was offered a much cheaper supply of guitars in 1966 by a manufacturer who had hitherto supplied them with accordions, Ugo Beccacece.
The Commendator Paolo Soprani unable to cope with the competition preferred to present the then general director of Bagnini, Mr. Ottaviani, to Alvaro Bartolini who started the production of the Aristons.
For a long time we have been counting all the stratooid guitars with the beautifully deformed headstock and tapered horns like Kroma. Then we mistakenly attributed the Kroma brand to Ugo Beccacece together with the subgenus Ariston-Rex-Kroma. Kroma is instead an independent Sirolo manufacturer that we can distinguish from Rex thanks to the absence of binding on the fretboard.