1964 HOFNER (500/5) PRESIDENT BASS 2 pickups (Code BA05)

Lovely old HOFNER PRESIDENT 500/3 bass guitar in Sunburst finish, very nice and stable neck, low action with very good frets and plays well up and down the neck. Tuners work well, A true piece of history getting harder to find in this stunning conditions. Without Pickguard. Comes in Correct Hard Case as you see in photo.

This single pickup archtop bass appeared in the UK in 1963 and replaced the Hofner Electric Bass Guitar (500/5) as a cheaper alternative to the also new twin pickup President Bass. The major difference between the Senator Bass and the 500/3 was the change from the Hofner consul mounted controls to two rotary controls for Volume and Tone, together with a reduced body depth of 2″ compared to the 500/3’s 2”. The Senator bore little resemblance to the Senator six string archtop, which did not even have a body cutaway at that time. In 1964, the Senator Bass was revised slightly the headstock decoration was changed from the “Treble Clef” fascia to a “Dagger” motif”. Weight: 5.1lb