'82 LES PAUL Jimmy Wallace, 1 editions ! killer Bookmatched Quilted Maple Top OHC Near Mint Cond. code GI6169

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In 1982, Jimmy Wallace opened his own store in the Dallas area and continued ordering what were becoming known as "Jimmy Wallace Reissues." At the same time, Leo's Music in Oakland, California, and Guitar Trader in Redbank, New Jersey, began ordering reissues. These dealers requested more accurate specs for body size, body carving and neck shape, although they usually didn't get them.

Jimmy Wallace LPs were special ordered by guitar dealer Jimmy Wallace from about 1980 up to the mid ’90s, but after 1990 they ended up with slightly smaller neck sizes. The Wallace LPs made in Kalamazoo in the early ’80s had beautiful quilted tops, with vintage serial numbers starting with 8 (for 1958). The features of these guitars are similar to those of the Leo’s and Guitar Traders, including the thin binding in the cutaway, ABR-1 bridge, etc. The truss rod covers of the Jimmy Wallace guitars say “Jimmy Wallace Model.” The early ’80s guitars had block letters for the Jimmy Wallace script, but later models had script lettering.