1936 DOBRO Model 32 GOLD RARE OHC code AC83 - Euro 4300  SEE IT?

2000 DOBRO Model 60G Sunburst Mint Conditions  code AC104 - Euro 1390   SEE IT?

40's HAGER Lap Steel "Singing Hager Guitar" lap steel Green finish on the top. code VA60 Euro 800  SEE IT?

1925 KONA Style 3 HERMANN C. WEISSENBORN  HAWAIIAN code AC23 - Euro 4800   SEE IT?

40's GIBSON MASTERTONE SPECIAL LAP STEEL  Brown crinkle finish, excellent and original condition code GI93 - Euro 850  SEE IT?

1967 NATIONAL N-710 Western Model Flat Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar code AC199  -  Euro 2100 SEE IT?

1932 NATIONAL STYLE O  12 fret metal body, early style with flat F’s code AC36  -  Euro 6200  SEE IT?

1928 NATIONAL STYLE-1 Tricone Round Neck, Early model Pat. Pending code AC107 -  Euro 9850  SEE IT?

1935 OHAU  71 K Square Neck Sunburst  code AC93  - Euro 2150  SEE IT?

'52 RIO Model 120 1950's Electromatic RIO Lap Steel Slide Guitar COLLECTOR HYPER RARE  code VA72 - Euro1300   SEE IT?

40's RICKENBACKER Lap Steel Mod. “Electro” Metal Body Gray Burst code VA116 - Euro 1000   SEE IT?

1931 WEISSENBORN Style 1 Koa code AC38 - Euro 4200  SEE IT?

Circa 1930 WEISSENBORN Style 2 Koa code AC92 - Euro 4600  SEE IT?