1936 DOBRO Model 32 GOLD RARE OHC code AC83 - Euro 4300  SEE IT?

2000 DOBRO Model 60G Sunburst Mint Conditions  code AC104 - Euro 1390   SEE IT?

1955 FENDER USA Champ 6 String Steel Guitar code VA08 Euro 1500   SEE IT?

40's HAGER Lap Steel "Singing Hager Guitar" lap steel Green finish on the top. code VA60 Euro 800  SEE IT?

1925 KONA Style 3 HERMANN C. WEISSENBORN  HAWAIIAN code AC23 - Euro 4800   SEE IT?

40's GIBSON MASTERTONE SPECIAL LAP STEEL  Brown crinkle finish, excellent and original condition code GI93 - Euro 850  SEE IT?

1967 NATIONAL N-710 Western Model Flat Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar code AC199  -  Euro 2100 SEE IT?

1932 NATIONAL STYLE O  12 fret metal body, early style with flat F’s code AC36  -  Euro 6200  SEE IT?

1928 NATIONAL STYLE-1 Tricone Round Neck, Early model Pat. Pending code AC107 -  Euro 9850  SEE IT?

1935 OHAU  71 K Square Neck Sunburst  code AC93  - Euro 2150  SEE IT?

'52 RIO Model 120 1950's Electromatic RIO Lap Steel Slide Guitar COLLECTOR HYPER RARE  code VA72 - Euro1300   SEE IT?

40's RICKENBACKER Lap Steel Mod. “Electro” Metal Body Gray Burst code VA116 - SOLD

1931 WEISSENBORN Style 1 Koa code AC38 - Euro 4200  SEE IT?

Circa 1930 WEISSENBORN Style 2 Koa code AC92 - Euro 4600  SEE IT?