1966 HOFNER PRESIDENT 457/12 Twelve StringsViolin Sunburst, two Pickups, EX code VA977

An amazing sounding 12 string electric in great shape. Made in Germany the 457 is fully hollow with two pickups. It appeared on page 9 of the 1967 Hofner electric guitar and bass catalog: "Large size but comfort-thin cutaway model of superior construction. Arched back and sides are flamed maple. The arched top is spruce artfully brown shaded and highly polished. Beautiful binding around headpiece, neck "f" holes, top and back. The 2 pickups are built on the double pole, double coil principle for greatest effectiveness; with 1 volume and 2 tone controls plus toggle selector. Hard Case 0 fret/nut: 50mm  Weight: 2,6Kg

Höfner began producing archtop guitars in 1930. The company was already 43 years old but had always produced violins and stringed instruments. As demand for archtop guitars grew so did the Höfner model range; by the mid 1950s there were numerous models available from budget student guitars through to top line professional instruments. Some models have become world famous such as the Höfner President, The Committee and the legendary Golden Höfner. The 1950s saw some archtops fitted with pickups as an option as dance bands began to use amplification. This was followed by the introduction of thinline electric models which were increasingly used by beat groups.



   Paul Brett:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L9zmNiD2So