'61 HOFNER  463/S/3  3 pickups Natural code VA75

Unusual Three Pickups model made for European market only. It has handsome bowed back and multi-coloured wood binding front and back. Side and back are made from Mahogany. Original and rare rotary pickups switches. Very beautiful specimen is a rare electro-acoustic archtop guitar meticulously crafted by the master luthiers at Hofner Guitars in Germany.This particular model highly collectible and shows a host of unique vintage features. It also features a three-pickup configuration and a plethora of switching options, allowing for incredible tonal versatility. The acoustic resonance of this guitar is massive - it has a loud voice that is smooth, warm and round, absolutely perfect for jazz, blues, country and folk. Paired with the set of balanced, hand-crafted pickups, this guitar sits perfectly in the mix, whether it be for use on stage or in the studio.It plays and functions without issue! The bridge has been deprived of the tremolo system and fixed to avoid bad tuning.