1960 EKO  Semiacoustic Model Natural  One Cutaway. Two Pickups, Excellent conditions very nice neck with good frets low action, Hard Case code VA74

The 200 serie was an evolution of the finish of the 100 and little more but signifies Pigini’s intention to occupy that section of the market of the arch-top thin-line adored by Höfner and the Club range. Vox too put on the market the Tornado model with original headstock though we also find it with the Eko logo. These guitars were produced with a wide range of options and they all seem original. All the pick-up models were mounted on the pick guard. Another quite rare model from the catalogue, the 280 jumbo with thick body. The small arch top shape could not survive with a toy neck and the short scale. The Tramp/Typhoon is an example of how to make a guitar become an obsolete project. The dimensions of the body prevented it from being a comfortable and ergonomic guitar.