'63 HOFNER Modell COLORAMA W-GERMANY  excellent conditions Hard Case code VA7

This is a Hofner Colorama dating from 1963 and is in an amazing original condition in every way even after fifty-six years! Its finished in the original bright red with black scratchplate and the two Hofner ''diamond'' pickups each with volume and tone controls, and it has the small all metal adjustable bridge and tremolo tailpiece complete with arm. The maple neck is bolted on and it doesn't show a single mark on it and the frets are also in a very good state - in fact the only marks to be seen are on the bottom edge of the body and are very minor. The headstock contains the serial number - see last photo and the original tuners plus the ''Hofner'' logo in gold It is extremely rare to find one of these in this sort of condition and fully working.The guitar is functional and can be played normally. The Höfner is comfortable in the hand and sounds good "old style". The neck is straight (adjustable with a neck truss rod), the fingerboard and neck are OK and the two original pickups and electronics with pots dating 63 work well.