1956 GRETSCH DUO JET, Black,Two De Armond Pickups, OHC, all original from my collections code VA501

Hump Block inlays just like George Harrison’s Two Dearmond Pickups, Great feeling neck, Light weight Now with original hold Gretsch Bigsby and with Original G Brand Tail Piece and Melita bridge in case! Normal play wear including dings and dents and light scratches on the rear body.

"You can take the reissue for 15.500$ or the original for 10.000euro "

1987 George Harrison photo Cloud Nine promo

George Harrison Cavern Club Liverpool 1962

GeorgeHarrison.jpg (2165 bytes)"My first good guitar was the Duo Jet Gretsch. It wasn't easy to get an American guitar in Liverpool back in 1960 because of shortage of supply, and more important at the time, a severe shortage of cash. I saved my money from the gigs I had started playing, and one night in the Liverpool Echo I saw the advert under "For Sale." I rushed to the address that was given, with about 75lbs cash in my pocket and returned home the very pleased owner of that Gretsch. I have it 'till this day,...after playing it through the Hamburg days and Cavern years, tours of Europe to America in '64 and many, many of the Beatle Recordings.
Although the Duo Jet will always remain sentimentally my favorite Gretsch, I own some other models; a Synchromatic from the 50's, a Super Chet and a '57 Tennessean, which to me me is the Eddie Cochran/Duane Eddy model.

George Harrison


Comprata tramite un annuncio sul Liverpool Echo per 75 sterline all'inizio del 1961, la Duo Jet è stata la prima chitarra importante di George. Ancora oggi rimane la sua Gretsch favorita: «una vera chitarra da rocker», come lui stesso afferma.
Dai giorni del Cavern, di Amburgo, del provino Decca, delle prime tournée, dell'album Please Please Me, è stata la principale chitarra fino alla metà del 1963. La Duo Jet di Harrison è del 1957, ultimo anno in cui la Gretsch montava sulle sue chitarre i pickup single coil De Armond. I segnaposizione, intarsiati su un manico di palissandro brasiliano, sono di plastica 'pearloid', di forma rettangolare detti 'humped-block' (curvati ad onda) o 'cloud' (nuvola). Questa chitarra monta la leva Bigsby, battipenna argentato, una manopola Master Tone, due manopole del volume, dei singoli pickup ed una manopola Master Volume.