ALDEN GUITAR Flyinf V One Off Custom Shop

 Maple Tiger Flamed Top,2 Pieces Mahogany Back,Palissander Fretboard + Abalone +Mother Of Pearl Position Fret, Mint code VA483

Alden Guitar Made In Hight Quality Materials,State Of Art Design,Maple Set Neck,Abalone Binding Around All The Guitar,2  Pieces Maple Tiger Flamed Top,2 Pieces Mahogany Back,Palissander Fretboard + Abalone +Mother Of Pearl Position Fret,String Trow Body For More Sustain,Brass Addect For More Sustain,Cherry Red Finish,Gold Hardwere,2  Special Humbucking Custom Shop made.

Alden guitars are the result of a collaboration between UK guitar guru Alan David Entwistle (AL-D-EN) and one of Korea’s leading guitar companies! Alden is dedicated to the manufacture and promotion of the retro-vibe!

Alan Lester David Entwistle has been building guitars and designing pickups since 1962. He has worked on many high profile guitars over the last 43 years. His wealth of technical and personal experience in many genres of music have led to this unique range of instruments. Unlike other "committy designed" guitars these are the result of one mans dreams, one mans vision. His expertise has gone into every detail from the neck profile, body shapes, to the individual pickups. Each component pefectly matched by this amazing talent. They are as individual as the man himself.

Alden guitars are inspired by classic instruments of the last 5 decades though thanks to Alans creative design input none could be even remotely described as copies.
Several models are equipped with a real state of the art tone generator, the Entwistle QTX. Designed to take the guitarist to new highs in creativity. It really is a sound that is out of this world. Alden QTX tone filter control gives the player a truly versatile instrument with a useful array of switching options to explore. (QTX FREQUNCY SHIFT selects various nodal frequencies from any give pick up selected) With master volume and tone control, and the ability to switch pickups in any configuration that you wish, the tonal possibilities are endless.