2012 PRS TREMONTI  N.O.S. Faded Whale Blue Smokeburst Flam Top  UNPLAYED OHC code VA43

The Signature Sound of Mark Tremonti!

There's no doubt that the guitarist for Creed, Mark Tremonti, has had a serious impact on the face of rock. Here's your chance to own a gorgeous PRS guitar built to this incredible musician's specifications. You'll love the sweet sound of the PRS Mark Tremonti signature model's custom pickups, which balance smoothly against its rich mahogany body. A carved figured maple top adds extra style as well, giving the Mark Tremonti signature model stunning good looks to match its tone. A Pattern Thin neck gives you the fast action you need to shred, and a 10" radius is perfect for both riffing and shredding. Whether you're a huge Creed fan or are just looking for a fantastic guitar, you're going to love the Mark Tremonti signature model by PRS!

PRS Mark Tremonti Signature Model Solidbody Electric Guitar at a Glance: Solid mahogany topped with a maple top looks and sounds amazing

To give the Mark Tremonti signature model a rich yet balanced sound, PRS began by choosing the tried-and-true combination of mahogany topped with a carved maple top. The Mark Tremonti signature model's mahogany body gives you natural tonal warmth, which is offset perfectly by the brighter tone of its maple top. Together, these tonewoods give you an incredibly balanced sound.

PRS Phase III locking tuners deliver the tuning stability you demand

Tuners are often thought of as being somewhat utilitarian, but in a guitar like the PRS Mark Tremonti signature model, they play a huge role in maintaining its rock-solid tuning stability. These PRS Phase III locking tuners are an elegant design with smooth, high-tolerance pegs, large buttons, an open back, and closed housing. Go ahead, grab onto that tremolo bar - your PRS Mark Mark Tremonti signature model guitar can take it.

PRS V12 finish feels like nitro and protects like acrylic

The PRS Custom 24 is finished in a stunning PRS V12 finish. If you're seeking vintage vibe with a sophisticated edge, your search ends here. Over a decade in the making, the PRS V12 finish blends the thin, resonance-enhancing characteristics of a nitro finish with the non-cracking reliability you expect from a modern acrylic finish. It has a classic feel all its own - it makes your axe feel like an well-worn instrument - one that will stay flawless-looking for years to come.

PRS Mark Tremonti Signature Model Solidbody Electric Guitar Features: Get the signature sound of a legendary guitarist, with the PRS Mark Tremonti signature model solidbody electric guitar!