'11 PRS CUSTOM 24 N.O.S. Ocean Blue, Flam Top, Pattern Regolar, 5 way blade switch. 2 59/09 pickups, UNPLAYED OHC code VA36

This is a fantastic guitar--as are all PRS guitars. The pattern regular neck carve is extremely comfortable and feels like a guitar you have owned, loved, and played for years and years. The 59/09 pickups live up to their reputation. They sound amazing for rock, blues, R&B, country and fusion. The guitar has a clarity I just don't hear in most guitar at any price point. It sounds great playing Alex Lifeson style chord voicing. It's extremely comfortable too and the trem stays in tune really well. It's eight years old and its tone is aging like a fine wine. It has sat in it's case for all of it's life in new unplayed conditions.