'76 IBANEZ Les Paul Custom Copy. White (Creme) code VA178

70s Ibanez model 2350 WH (WH standing for: white) Made in Japan Beautiful Ibanez Les Paul Custom from the heyday of the Japanese Matsumoku factory. Correct "open book" headstock shape (also refered to as "moustache shape"), which means that it's built before Ibanez started to use a different headshape in order to avoid lawsuit problems with Gibson. These hard to find white Les Paul Custom is fully original and has a very nice D-shape neck and is shaped after its sought-after brother from 1958. The pickups sound full with the well-known openness of the better Ibanez pickups.Bridge Ibanez pickup with large pole. The guitar is very nicely adjusted and plays very well. Nice Neck/Fretboard low action, good frets. Professional Star series tuners. Come in very nice Hard Case as you see in photo.