It was made in Defil factory in Lubin, Lower Silesia, Poland Vintage rare guitar, large neck with good frets, new tuners, low action , very nice sound, all working well, ready to play.  codeVA177

KOSMOS (Polish Gibson Moderne - different shape of headstock, bolt-on neck ... and not only that...) Manufactured at the Dolnośląska Fabryka Instrumentףw Lutniczych (The Lower Silesian Factory of Luthiery) in Lubin (a city in western part of Poland). DEFIL exists since 1896 (as a piano production factory then), presently not in as good economic shape as before though; Kosmos guitars were manufactured during the '80-s; favourite guitar of Polish heavy metal bands.


Body: alder;

Neck: maple, bolt-on;

Fretboard: rosewood, 21 frets (vintage small);

Pickguard and dot inlays: white plastic;

Pickups: 2 x humbuckers, own factory products;

Controls: volume, tone, tone, pickup selector;

Electronics & hardware: own factory products (fixed bridge, 3 per side tuners);