1965 EKO LANCER VI  Two De Armond Pickups Sunburst RARE !  code VA14

Eko Lancer with Dearmond Dynasonic pickups. This is one of the more highend models of Eko with a body of Honduras mahogany, maple neck and ebony fingerboard. Original Grover Made in USA Tuners. Some ding&dond and lines on the polyester paint as often happens but nothing disabling. Perfect Neck with good frets and low action. Stong sound! A very rare top-tier Eko model, the Lancer VI boasts a compliment of USA-made electronics and hardware that make this one of the coolest and most infrequently seen Ekos ever produced. Featuring white DeArmond Dynasonic single coil pickups, a Bigsby B5 vibrato unit, and patent pending Grover Rotomatic tuning machines, the Lancer VI is in many ways an unholy alliance of your favorite Gretsch and Mosrite. The pickups deliver clear, dynamic, balanced tone with height adjustable alnico magnets and plenty of power. The ebony fretboard adds a certain glassy attack and snap to the sound, and these pickups have a rich harmonic growl when you really dig in. Weighing 8lbs 7oz  The maple neck has a slender C shaped profile with a 24 3/4" scale and 1 5/8" nut width. The original frets are intact on the ebony fretboard