90's GLAYN RAZO AYN Aluminum Body, Ebony Fingerboard, LSR Precision Tuner, 2PU an array GLAYN BrainFactorySelect (Ham backing x 1, single coil x 1), 22 Frets, 2Volume/2Tone/3way Selector,  ZGB-I bridge.Scale Length 25.50" Come with Hard Case Mr. Hotei used it on "thrill" PV - This Model is the RARE TOP of the range ! (not the 723G lower cost) - BUILT FOR DOMINIC MILER http://dominicmiller.com/

Raizo grain with a near future atmosphere. It is born from a novel project of how good sound can be produced by using aluminum instead of trees on the body. The basic form of what is constructed with a fantastic idea has a motif of a traditional telecaster. The body of a perfect aluminum is so thin as to be impossible with a general wooden guitar for weight reduction. It achieves the same weight as that of a guitar of ash material which is in a heavy class even with wood. The body is a hollow sponge in the body to prevent howling. Including the fingerboard, the neck is wood, finished in silver style according to the texture of the body, but realizes the same grip feeling as a normal guitar. PU is a combination of humbucker and single coil for telecass. The gain is not high, but when you narrow down the tone the sound of the Telecass style sounds properly. A guitar that you want to make good use of the advantage that it does not receive noise by the shielding effect of aluminum body.
Initial appearance in the performance of C'MON EVERY BODY, UP SIDE - DOWN, MATERIALS, DIRTY STAR at the joint live "J - HEAD LINE TOUR" with JESUS ​​JONES. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJudAUlwVz4 The silver shining body gave a big shock. The second generation will be familiar with the opening of GUITARHYTHM SERIOUS! CLIMAX ARENA TOUR, thrill promotion video.