'77 RICKENBACKER  330/12 Mapleglo 12 String  RARE, EX + code VA112


Superclean 1977 Rickenbacker 330 in excellent condition and all original, original good frets and still like new laqured fretboard dosnīt show any kind or wear,Gorgeous Maple body, HI-Gains pickups, “R” Tailpiece, Great low action, Very fine example including orig.Case

Thinline maplebody,

3-piece maple/walnut neck,

Laquered rosewood fretboard with dot-inlays,

2x orig. Rickenbacker Pickups, 

Adjustable 6-saddle bridge w/cover,

R-style tailpiece,

12x orig. Kluson-tuners,

Incl. original black hardshell case w/blue interior.                 

This guitar seems to be a back-up guitar for the case, that something happens to Edge's main Rickenbacker. It was seen in the guitar case during the "ZooTV" tour. If this is the same as pictured below, it has been used on the Vertigo tour.

Pete Townshend used (and abused) 330/12 Rickenbacker models