'68 REX ARISTON Sunburst, Made in Italy tremolo, 4 Pickups, Nice conditions normal wear ding dong and line in the Oiginal finish, straight neck with low action, good frets ready to play Come with a Gig Bag. code VA101

UGO BECCACECE, from Recanati, was the owner of the REX brand. Beccacece produced for Ariston, the brand of the Bagnini company in Rome, and for Kary. Strangely, it is not uncommon to see the Rex logo on the neck attachment plate also on guitars with another brand on the body or headstock. On the semi-acoustics a typical element of Beccacece were the masks of the pick-ups with the typical pointed profile. For a long time we made all the stratooid guitars coincide with the beautifully deformed headstock and tapered horns like Kroma. Then we mistakenly attributed the Kroma brand to Ugo Beccacece together with the subgenus Ariston-Rex-Kroma. Kroma is instead an independent Sirolo manufacturer that we can distinguish from Rex thanks to the absence of binding on the fingerboard. https://www.fetishguitars.com/castelfidardo-recanati/rex/