'68 RICKENBACKER mod. 456 - 6/12- 100% Original, Original Frets In Excellent Condition  Comes in OHC RARE EXC cond. code VA027

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The model 456/12 is a "comb converter" version of the 450/12. By engaging the comb you may have any number of strings between 6 and 12. When the comb is disengaged the guitar is a "normal" twelvestring. This model was introduced in 1966 and dropped from the production line about ten years later, Nut Width 1.61 "Neck Depth: .84" At The 1st Fret - .88" At The 12th Fret 

  • The idea was that it could be played as a 12 string, yet using the comb converter could aslo act a s a 6 string, or any where in between 6 and 12. 1966-1976

    Convertible Comb 12 String Models (336/12, 366/12, 456/12).
    The Rickenbacker unique string converter, commonly known as a "comb", was introduced on three models in 1966. It changed the guitar from twelve to six strings (or less than twelve strings) via a lever that pulled the desired number of the strings down against the frets (and in theory out of the way). When not engaged, the guitar is a "normal" twelve string. The comb converter was available on the 336/12, 366/12, and 456/12 (solidbody). The 336/12 was a model 330-12 with a comb. Likewise the 366/12 was a model 360-12 with a comb, and the 456/12 was a model 450-12 with a comb. The string coverter was designed by James E. Gross of Glenview, Illinois. The convertible comb models disappeared from the Rickenbacker product line in 1976 (but in reality production of this model stopped in 1974). Probably because this idea was not very good for the player. For example, strings could not be bent when the comb was engaged. So the usefulness of a combed twelve-string-made-six-string was limited at best, and certainly looked strange.

    Mike Pender with his 456/12 in Mapleglo and Chris Black with a 456/12 in Jetglo

    The Searchers

    Mike Pender

    Frederick Dewey Smith


    La Rickenbacker 345 è la versione scala normale della 325 (Scala corta) conosciuta come una delle John Lennon guitar.

    The Edge Rickenbacker


    John Fogerty 1969 Rick 325


    John Fogherty's Kustom amp