'76 IBANEZ 2350L Les Paul Copy Lefty White All original. Perfect neck low action, hardcase. Japanese lawsuit les Paul guitar in rare Left Hand. Used in vintage condition with some ding & dong and patina in finish the yellowed into vintage white cream colour. Good frets and very nice neck. Code LH78

70s Ibanez model 2350 WH (WH standing for: white) Made in Japan Beautiful Ibanez Les Paul Custom from the heyday of the Japanese Matsumoku factory. Built immediately after Ibanez started to use a different headshape in order to avoid lawsuit problems with Gibson. These hard to find white Les Paul Custom is fully original and has a very nice D-shape neck and is shaped after its sought-after brother from 1958. The pickups sound full with the well-known openness of the better Ibanez pickups. The guitar is very nicely adjusted and plays very well. Nice Neck/Fretboard low action, good frets. Professional Star series tuners. Come in very nice Hard Case as you see in photo.