1980 EKO C396 CUSTOM LEFTY Natural Brown 2 origional Di-Marzio with sun engraving  Rare code LH51

Semi-acoustic EKO c396 custom, Professional Serie top off the range Made in Italy, very rare guitar (try and find one for sale)figured laminated front and back,band neck and body.origional di-marzio pick ups with sun engraving.similar thickness to gretsch/guild 68mm thick body with solid mohogany through centre block.thicker than 335.all electrics in working order, couple of scratchy pots, warm jazzy sound.original good quality machine heads that hold tuning well-ebony fingerboard inlayed with mop blocks. A few din&dong and scratches comenserate with age, some lacquer poliester crack as often happens on all these models with this type of paint but not in wood. Come with Hard Case