Main Guitar Guitar Name Strings Picks Action Effects Amps Notes
Jeff Beck Signature Strat, owns 44 guitars   .011, .013, .017, .028, 039, .046 No pick,  Quite low Digitech GSP-21 Fender Prefers thick neck, whammy set to pitch down & up, also does palm vibrato on bridge
Jimi Hendrix R/H Strat played lefthanded.  From 68 onwards these were primarily a black maple neck and a blonde maple neck.  Also played at least 3 Gibson Flying V , particularly for blues numbers - 67 'Psychedelic', 68 Tobacco, 69 black specially made left-hand model - used at the Isle of Wight concert ..other Gibson guitars that Hendrix owned included a black Les Paul, and a white SG
Custom type 2. Jimi played this SG for his September 9, 1969 appearance
on the "Dick Cavett Show."    Allegedly "Purple Haze" and "Hey, Joe" were cut on Noel Redding's old Telecaster
Black Beauty Light. 009 - some opinions .010 or even .011 'Fender Rock'n'Roll brand,  (.010, .013, .015, .026, .032, .038). Medium guage Medium - though according to Jeff Beck 'about an inch high' Arbiter Fuzz Face, Voz Wah-Wah, UniVibe Leslie Effect, Octavia Splitter - used curly lead, which supposedly also affected sound Marshall All 5 springs on tremelo, tuned 1/2 step low - is noted to have recommended heavier strings to other players .011 - apparently tuned a 1/2 step low from 1967 onwards
Eric Clapton Strat, 1956 Sunburst strat -  Brownie' Ernie Ball Slinkies  , Light. Ernie Ball Super Slinky: .009, .011, .016, .024, .032, .042. (Also uses Slinky, or .010s.) Normally changed only when one breaks; occasionally three high strings changed. Heavy       Thin neck, pickup close to strings
EC - Yardbirds Fender Telecaster , VOX AC-30              
EC - Bluesbreakers 1959 Gibson Les Paul Std, Marshall              
EC - Cream Gibson Les Paul, Gibson SG,  Cherry Red 1964 ES-335              
EC- Blind Faith Gibson Firebird               
EC-Solo Fender Strat - combination of 3 strats , all 5 springs, no whammy bar Blackie - retired 1987, sold 2004 to The Guitar Center for 959,000 USD            
Joe Walsh Les Paul   Fender .009     Standard Leslie, Fender echo, and Maestro Phase Shifter, Talk Box Fender pickup close to strings
Albert King R/H Gibson Flying V, strung R/H & played L/H !!!   Light .009 - 050 Thumb     Acoustic (solid state) Roland JC-120  
BB King Gibson ES-355 thinline semi Lucille 010 .013 .017p .032w .045w .054w       Fender Twin  
Jimmy Page Gibson "Black Beauty" Les Paul Custom, Gibson ES-1275 Doubleneck  1958 Fender Telecaster® (given to him by Jeff Beck), 10-string Fender® 800 pedal steel, Gibson J-200 (acoustic), 12-string Fender® or Rickenbacker (electric) on "Thank You"
Uses Danelectro acoustic for slide numbers
  Ernie Ball Slinkies   - possibly even 008s sometimes ? Herco heavy-gauge nylon picks    Roger Mayer Fuzz Box, Vox Cry Baby, Maestro Echoplex, Roland GR-300   Many special tunings, I used a special tuning for that; the low string down to B, then A, D, G, A, and D. It's like a modal tuning, a sitar tuning, in fact.
Open C (C-G-C-G-C-E) ("Friends," "That's the Way"), B-A-D-G-A-D ("Black Mountain Side"), other tunings of Page's that "are my own that I've worked out, so I'd rather keep those to myself...but they're never open tunings."

Stevie Ray Vaughn 59 Strat, with left handed tremelo, ultra tall frets, Tune to Eb,       VERY heavy gauge GHS strings (0.013 to 0.060)  Fender Medium plectrums  High Ibanez Tube Screamers for overdrive, a Vox Crybaby for wah, a Fender Viratone, a Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face, and a Tycobrahe Octavia     
Eddie Van Halen Self made custom built, using Strat Body & Gibson PAF pickups rewound to own spec. Known for Charvel and EVH models -  l   .009 to .042 gauge strings  Fender Medium  or Heavy plectrums  - uses middle finger & thumb to hold pick        
Eddie Van Halen - Late 70's, early 80's At this time EVH used various strat style bodies, with generally maple strat necks, retrofitted with Seymour Duncan or Gibson PAF humbuckers, as well as homemade pickups, hand-rewound and wax potted. Tone control not wired in. Became known for use of Charvel parts (initially without company support) - pickups directly screwed to guitar body to increase sustain. Also became know for early adoption of the Floyd Rose tremolo system.              
Eddie Van Halen - mid 80's Commenced working with Kramer , developing several instruments, essentially carrying the ideas developed above forward - involved with Kramer from 84 - 90              
Freddie King Gibson thinline semis ES-335, ES-345 and ES-355.     thumbpick and a steel fingerpick (on his index finger) for playing     Fenders Twin and Quad Reverbs  
Buddy Guy Fender Stratocasters 50s and modern signature series           Fender Bassman (4x10") Marshall Half stack Victoria Polka Dot Paint JobBody - light ash
Neck + fingerboard - maple 22 frets
Pickups - 3 Gold Fender-Lace Sensor
Controls - 1 volume, 1 tone and 1 25db mid range boost,
                      5 way switch
Keith Richards 50's Fender Telecaster, Gibson PAF humbucker bridge.  Micawber Gauges .011,.015,.018,.030,.042       Fender Twin Tuning DGDGBD, often low E string
Frank Zappa Gibson SG - also apparently  owned & restored  burnt Jimi Hendrix strat , actually possessed several 'mini' guitars for low weight.  Allegedly the Hendrix strat had a modified SG neck and definitely some doubts about the provenance ??               
Larry Carlton Gibson ES-335              
Yngwie Malmsteen Modified vintage Strats with heavily scallopped fingerboards, Dunlop 6000jumbo frets. DiMarzio YJM stacked humbucker pickups, no tone control, uses 4 or 5 tremelo springs.   Also uses Les Paul for rhythm playing   D'Addario .008-.048 also reported to use Fender Bullets, same guage Heavy, Dunlop 1.5 mm High Cry-Baby Wah, Boss chorus and flanger, Korg stereo digital delay Marshall Normally tunes to Eb
Ritchie Blackmore Fender Strats - with scallopped necks, Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders in bridge & neck position, glued in necks, 4 springs on tremelo, Gibson style jumbo frets  , Schaller machine heads   Picato strings were .010, .011, .014, .026, .036, and .042. Custom made square-edged tortoiseshell     Marshall  
Zakk Wylde Gibson Les Paul, 1980 style EMG humbuckers - strings go over top of tailpiece   .010 0 .060 (note that big bass !) Dunlop 1.35 mm   Dunlop wah, Boss Rotovibe, Boss Super Chorus Marshall Standard E tuning with low E tuned to D, B, A or G
Randy Rhoads Custom built Jackson Flying V, The instruments have long, fairly small bodies that are easy to get around. They have a neck-through-the-body solid maple construction, 22 frets, a 25 1/2" scale, and Seymour Duncan pickups: a Jazz model in the neck position and a Distortion. They have binding on the neck and around the head, and a special pearl inlay that Randy came up with. The white one had one of Charvel's standard tremolo units on it.  Small frets.

  .011 top Medium   MXR distortion, flanger, chorus, Korg tape delay, Cry Baby wah Marshall  
Brian Setzer Gretsch Brian Setzer Hot Rod, essentially a stripped-down and souped-up 6120 archtop.  Small frets, no tone control, very low action (3/64). Bigsby tremelo. Getsch FilterTron pickups   0.012 (heavy!) Uses flatpick & thumb/fingers        
Brian May Red Special - semi solid mahogany/blockboard body, oak center block & fingerboard, Burns tri-sonic pickups (wired in series), 24 fret neck, bike valve spring tremolo   light guage Maxima Gold Uses English Sixpence !        
Al Di Meola Conde Hermanos nylon string, Ovation signature steel string with MIDI pickups, Martin D18, Godin nylon string, Gibson Les Paul signature              
Gary Moore normally associated with Gibson Les Paul Standard with Grover machines, also uses Fritz Bros Tele and supposedly has a Charvel leopard-skin strat. Gary Moore owns the legendary LP used by Peter Green with Fleetwood Mac              
Elvis Costello Fender Jazzmaster - 24" scale,2 Fender Jazzmasters, with 'Elvis Costello' inlaid on the fretboard
    - an oldish Martin D-28
    - a natural finish Fender Telecaster
    - a Gold-Top Les Paul with P-90 Soapbar Pickups
    - a Martin D-45
    - a 12 String Epiphone Sheraton
    - a blue Magnatone Typhoon bought in Nashville Aug. 1996
    - Martin Santa Cruz
    - Gibson J-160E acoustic
    - a green Gibson hollow body electric
    - Gretsch Country Gent
    - Gretsch Country Club, mid-'60s
    - a hot-rodded National electric
    - '54 Telecaster , Gibson F-5 mandolin
    - a Rickenbacker, 60's model-full-scale, six string.
    - a beige Gibson Les Paul custom. 
    - 3 Ferringtons: a small 17" and a normal 25 3/8" both with "Elvis
      Costello" inlaid on the neck, and a 34" fretless (Hofer?) bass 
  Ernie Ball HEAVY          
Paul Kossof Best known for  Gibson Les Paul Custom also used ’60s Gibson ES-335 - also used Fender Strat on later work   heavy picks and heavy strings          
Joe Satriani Ibanez , 22 medium frets,  DiMarzio pickups,  rosewood fretboard - also known to use 58 Fender Esquire & Chet Atkins nylon string Chrome Boy' .09-.042 D'addario   Super low, 2/64 , almost no neck relief  Jim Dunlop Classic Cry Baby
Boss DS-1 - distortion SETTINGS: 9:00, 5:00, 2:00 across
Fultone Ultimate Octave
DigiTech Whammy (Old type)
Boss Digital Delay DD-2
Boss Super Octave (CE -2?)
(Used for G3 1995-1997)
Steve Vai Ibanez Steve Vai signature Jem guitar.   Prior to the Ibanez deal used several custom built strat clones, notably 2 with playboy cartoons and pinups and a 'flame' profile strat type instrument.   .09-.042 D'addario          
Dave Gilmour Fender Stratocaster,  legendary guitar collector - includes Jedson lap steel   Light top heavy bottom, .010, .012, .016, .028, .038, and .050.    Herco heavy pick     Binson Echorec tape delay (like Barrett, he used this device from his first days with the band), a Dallas-Arbiter Fuzzface fuzz box, Uni-Vibe pedal, Vox wah-wah pedal, a DeArmond volume pedal, and Leslie and Yamaha RA-200 rotating speaker cabinets. The latter were routed through the output sections of Hiwatt heads and then to WEM 4x12 cabinets. In 1972, his effects boxes were mounted in a custom cabinet, and his array of processors grew to include a second Binson Echorec and a second Fuzzface, an MXR Phase 90, a Crybaby wah-wah, an Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress flanger, Big Muff fuzz, an Orange treble and bass booster, and a custom-built tone pedal.    
Peter Green His most famous Les Pauls (right - now owned by Gary Moore) neck pickup had been wired so that the when the selector switch is in the middle position the pickups are out of phase (the neck pickup is also turned round so the pole pieces are towards the bridge instead of the neck) For his current band - The Splinter Group - he uses
• Gretsch Roc Jet
• Gibson Howard Roberts
• Fender Telecaster - with pizo pickup
• Fender Stratocaster
  Heavy strings  - doesn't use a plectrum          
Angus Young Gibson SG                
Malcolm Young Gretsch Duo Jet, no tone control   12's          
Ronnie Wood ESP Signature Series (Tele shape)               
John Fogerty Best known for 1969 Rickenbacker 325 guitar, also uses 62 Tele & 62, 63, 67 Strat and 54 Goldtop Les Paul (tuned 1 step down)              
Neil Young Using a classic late 50s Les Paul with Bigsby, 56 Fender Tweed Deluxe and host of Boss Pedals from the late 70s he has created the ultimate grunge sound 25 yrs before it was hip              
Mick Ronson Mick Ronson's trademark sound came from his sanded '68 Gibson Les Paul guitar (later donated to the Hard Rock cafe in New York), a Marshall Major 200 watt amp (nicknamed "The Pig") plus an angled 4x12" Marshall cab and the use of a Cry-Baby wah-wah.  Generally he set his amp's tone pots to maximum and then set the pedal to act as a mid range boosting tone control. However, he used it as a straight wah-wah on songs such as "Moonage Daydream".               
Robert Cray Guitar: Several Fender Strat® "Robert Cray models" – neck radius a combination of a rosewood 1964 and a maple 1958 model. Non-tremolo (hard tail).   D’Addario: .011, .013, .018, .028, .036, .046 Dunlop tortex (heavy)   Two Matchless Clubman 35 heads with 4X10 cabinets.
A prototype Vibroman Stereo Vibrato/Reverb unit, built by tech Greg Zaccaria, connects the two heads.
One 1962 Magnatone Venus Custom 480 Stereo amp.
One Peavey Reverb.
One Roland Space Echo.
Carlos Santana Played a Gibson SG on the Woodstock film, Gibson L6-s,  now best known for Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Santana SE              
Django Reinhardt Selmer-Maccaferri acoustic guitars, long scale 26.4 "" with oval hole, also possessed an Epiphone Zephyr electric archtop    Argentine strings, a rather light, special composition string - silver-plated copper over a steel core - made in France. They are also often played with rather high action, for clearer notes and better vibrato          
Hank Marvin Possibly best known for 59 'pink' Stratocaster also used Burns Marvin signature guitar fora period in the 1960's              
Roy Buchanan 53 Fender Telecaster     Flatpick plus 2 fingers        
Johnny Winter Gibson Firebird, no tremelo, non-standard tailpiece, large frets, high action   .009, .011, .016, .024, .032, .042. The brand doesn't matter. Gibson thumb pick   None    
Prince 1980 Hohner Telecaster Guitar, with leopardskin pickguard, 2 single coil pickups, all maple construction               
Prince Cloud' Guitar , Pink.  Original built 1983 by David Rusan, now plays Schecter version.  Bridge Humbicker, front single coil, schaller machines, tunomatic bridge, maple thru neck , 3/4 scale               
Prince Model C Guitar - one piece wengewood construction,  made bu Auerswald guitars of Germany              
Prince Symbol guitar 'Habibe' - 24 fret model with Fender style bridge, short scale, C profile neck, single coil pickup.   Now plays Schecter version.   10-46 gauge GHS strings on the cloud, symbol and Anastasia models and 11-50 gauge GHS strings on the Hohner. He has them re-strung and covered in finger-ease before every performance.          
Prince Fender Strat, with bridge humbucker & Floyd Rose tremelo              
Chuck Berry Chuck Berry has been a Gibson man above all. An early favorite was the Les Paul Custom, with two P-90 pickups. Berry alternated it with a hollow-body Super 400 with P-90s, and an ES-150T, a thinline hollow-body guitar with two humbuckers. Later, he switched to the ES-355, semi-hollow with two humbuckers. Latterly has also used ES-335.              
Scotty Moore Gibson ES-295,  Gibson Super 400              
Cliff Gallup Gretsch Duo Jet, with fixed Bigsby arm   Flat wound, heavy          
Eddie Cochrane Gretsch G-brand model 6120.               
Muddy Waters After moving to Chicago, Muddy first got a “no-name” electric hollowbody, but by the time he started recording he owned a Gretsch with a DeArmond pickup. Later, Muddy could be seen playing a Les Paul Gold Top with P-90 pickups and, finally, his trademark instrument, the ’57 Telecaster, with oversized neck and high bridge.   He tuned to standard pitch for normal playing and to open G tuning for slide, and he used heavy strings (.012 or .013 for the high E) and high action. Muddy used a plastic thumb pick to play the low E, and bare fingers to play the melody.     Fender Super Reverb with four 10-inch speakers.  
Kurt Cobain 65 Fender Jaguar retrofitted with Tunomatic bridge, Dimarzio super distortion in bridge, PAF neck pickups.  Also a couple of Fender Mustangs with Seymour Duncan JBs.  Used Strats live to avoid damage to these 3 guitars.  Worked with Fender to create the Jag-Stang ; combines body type of Mustang & Jaguar, Fender Texas Special single coil in the neck position and a DiMarzio H-3 humbucker in the bridge position, short scale neck.   Heavy     Roland EF-1 distortion    
Marc Bolan Most noted for a late 50's Les Paul, refinisheded in a dark orange, later fitted with a new neck and finally stolen in 1977.  Also had 2 white rosewood neck strats.  Also had several 70s Les Pauls, A Gibson Flying V and a Zemaitis Les Paul, now owned by Paul McCartney.   Used stamdard pitch but often used capo sometimes dispensed with a pick and played with his first finger, using the nail as a substitute pick        
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Various strats including 1961  Strat, prototype Fender relic strat (formerly Keith Richards), 1958 Fender hardtail,  Black Relic strat, Hendrix Monterey strat, Tobacco Burst Relic strat. Also Guild acoustic, 1930's National Dobro resonator. Jumbo frets, graph tech nuts and saddles,    Ernie Balls 11's Heavy pick D'Andrea   Vox wah, TS9 tube Screamer, Ocatvia, Uni-Vibe     
Billy Gibbons Associated with 58 Flying V, 'Pearly Gates' 59 Sunburst  Les Paul , also Pink Stratocaster donated by jim Hendrix   .008s          
Duane Eddy Guild X500 Archtop              
Elmore James National, open D tuning, amplified Kay acoustic, used glass radio  tube cover as a slide              
Steve Howe Best known for his ES-175D , Steve has an immense guitar collection including 85 different instruments.   ON 1 tour he used 1964 Gibson ES-175D
, 1952 Fender Telecaster , 1976 Gibson The Les Paul , 1995 Fender Stratocaster , 1968 Martin 00-18 , 1971 Gibson ES-345TD Stereo , 1992 T. Scharpach 6 string acoustic (for "Clap") , 1993 Kohno Classical (for "Mood for a Day") , 1968 Coral Sitar , 1955 Gretch 6120 Chet Atkins , 1985 Martin J-12 65M Acoustic 12 string , 1934 The Gibson Banjo Guitar , Portuguese 12 string (year unknown) , 1950's Fender Dual Professional Steel Guitar  ---- amazing
        Pair of Fender Twins, in stereo. Though his UK models are vintage, 50 cycle Twins, he picked up a pair of reissues stateside     
Tampa Red 1928 National Style 4              
Jennifer Batten Washburn Maverick, Roland GK-2A guitar-synth pickups   10s          
Albert Collins Blond 1966 Fender Telecaster, with Gibson Humbucker in the neck position and stock tele single coil in the bridge position   10's - uses E minor tuning, E G E G B E and capo to change key Fingerpicking        
George Benson Used a Guild X-500 archtop  in his early career , now known for Ibanez  George Benson series   Flatwound , very heavy,  13,17,26,38,48,58 Medium Pick        
Mike Stern Mike's guitar features a custom made Tele-style body by Michael Aronson with an original '50s Fender Broadcaster neck. Pickups are a Seymour Duncan P.A.F.-style humbucker in the neck position and a Bill Lawrence single coil in the bridge.    This guitar replaced an original '50s Tele which originally belonged to bluesman Roy Buchanan and was sold to Mike by the late Danny Gatton in 1975. It was stolen from Mike in an armed street robbery in Roxbury, MA Yamaha Signature, Also -  Gatton  1965 Gibson Telecaster. It's a 1965 Gibson Melody Maker that was custom chopped by Gatton with a Tele-treble pickup and a Danny Gatton homemade Charlie Christian Rhythm pickup.    1972 Gibson Les Paul Recording."
  Strings are .011-.038 nicklewounds.           
Freddie Green In the 1930's played Epiphone Emperor, but most famously associated with Stromberg Master 400.   When the Stromberg went out of production and became too valuable for touring switched to Gretsch Eldorado    Very heavy strings, very high action Tortoiseshell pick        
George Harrison Gibson J160E acoustic, late Fifties U.S.  black Gretsch Duo Jet, Rickenbacker  Jetglo 425 and Rickenbacker 12 string 360/12 ,  Epiphone Casino. Lucy" - a Cherry Red Gibson Les Paul, presented to him by Eric Clapton, also owned Fender Strat and Tele.  Early guitars included Egmond and Futurama              
Dick Dale Fender Stratocaster - actually worked with Leo Fender on many aspects of Strat development.     Plays extremely heavy strings, reverse strung from high to low, in the same way as Albert King.   Now has reverse headstock signature series strat.   .018s, .038s, .048s, .039s, .049s, .060s,          
Tony Iommi Best known for Gibson 24 fret SG.  Due to finger injury uses ultra low frets, ultra light strings and often detunes.   At one stage owned British guitar makers John Diggins and John Birch.   .008's          
Michael Schenker Number 1 - White and Black 1975 Flying V equipped with a Seymour Duncan (probably a Jeff Beck) PU in the lead position.  The original pickguard has been replaced with a '67 reissue type , Neck joint has been reglued , No PU surroundings , Original Kluson tuners have been replaced by Schallers ,Bares a small "1" on the left of the neck joint
Number 2 - Also a 1979 block inlay Flying V 1979 block inlay                             Number 3 -  Flying V
Original painte pickguard & tuss rod cover , Original P.U's with surrounding rings , Bound fretboard , Bares a samll "3." on the left of the neck joint
Has faded notes scribbled on the edge of the top wing (felt pen)
  D'Angelico  009, .011, .016, .024, .032, and .040.

Picks- Jim Dunlop nylon, .88mm   Guitar int Cry baby wah wah (with white plastic lining at the bottom)
wah to Marshall in
Marshall send to Boss chorus
Boss chorus to Boss digital delay
Boss digital delay to Boss digital reverb
Boss digital reverb back to Marshall return
Slash (Saul Hudson) Guitars include Gibson Les Paul Standard, Gibson Les Paul Slash Signature Model, Gibson SG Double neck, equipped with Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro   Ernie Ball strings RPS 11  Jim Dunlop Tortex 1.14 mm picks   Dunlop DCR-ISR Crybaby Rack, Dunlop Heil Talk Box, Boss DD-5 Digital Delay and a
    Boss GE-7 Equalizer (
Buddy Holly Known instrument is a 58 Brown Sunburst Fender Stratocaster, maple neck, 21 frets,  serial #028228, probably the last of 3 or 4 Strats that Holly owned during his short career.  All 5 tremelo springs installed.     white Gibson medium pick - one was found inside the strat !   None live, used studio echo. Used a small Ampeg amp in 1957 but later used a tweed Fender Twin-Amp given to him by Fender. Frequently used capo at 5'th fret