1945 L 7, Black, 2 pick-up De Armond in pickguard, OHC EX+ code GI034

Introduced in 1932, the Gibson L-7 was Gibson's most popular acoustic archtop ever. Identical in all but cosmetics to the L-5, it remains the outstanding value in a true pro-sized all-carved Gibson archtop. This remarkable example is quite distinctive in that it is fitted with the ornate fleur-de-lis inlay pattern used on the very first L-7 models of the early 30's. We have only seen a few other examples of this on the later advanced model 17" guitars, and only on instruments made during the very depth of the war years. We consider it likely that Gibson may have experienced shortages from its pearl suppliers, and took to using up vintage inlay stock from the 20's and 30's. The result is a guitar that is not only extraordinarily graceful, but extremely rare as well. This is an incredible example of a special ordered “War Time” L-7 in Gibson’s optional Black finish, its stunning to see with all its white trim that accents this special guitar, made with a carved Spruce top & solid Maple back, sides & neck, its large headstock, fingerboard & body front & back has multi laminated black & white binding on every edge, it sports a very cool 30’s type “script” logo on its headstock along with a rather huge neck size, she has a sweet bound rosewood fingerboard w/double parallelogram inlays, it’s a full 17” wide having an unreal amount of tone & plays very well. Factory made “McCarty” double pickup pickguard assembly, original White oval label designating its serial # & model name, its an untouched all original piece of Gibson history in excellent overall original condition.

Django 1948