1988 TELECASTER ROSEWOOD Custom Shop , Limitd of 20 Rare (Only one in Gold Part)Mint code FE317

In 1990 together with Jacques Mazzoleni and Andre Duchossoir we were guests for several days at the Custom Shop directed by J.Page. Andre was in the attics to collect material for his book "The Telecaster" one of the two guitars that I had the honor and availability to access is this Rosewood Telecaster faithful reproduction of that George Harrison which to make it precious and unique among the few that were being realized, was completed in Gold Parts.


From my personal clollection


George's Fender up for auction Edited by Maurizio Guccin Published 16/09/2003
It's a Fender RW Telecaster, used on the Let It Be album and the last Beatles concert on the Apple rooftop. All for just $430,000...
WASHINGTON - Over 430,000 dollars: for that much, one of the guitars of former Beatle George Harrison, who died in November 2001, was sold. However, it is a very particular guitar: it is the one that the guitarist used in the last Beatles concert, in 1969, and is a custom built Fender RW Telecaster. It's the one with which the guitarist from Liverpool also plays in the film Let it Be. The price paid by a West Coast American collector who declined to be identified is $434,750. The auction took place partially online, on the Ebay site. The guitar belonged to a musician friend of Harrison's, Delaney Bramlett, who decided to put it up for sale. The most optimistic estimates, largely exceeded, spoke of a sale price of 250,000 dollars