MORLEY Volume Mod. VOL 70's  THE BEST ! Code EF577

 Vintage Model VOL Tel-Ray Electronics Morley Chrome Volume Electric Guitar Pedal From the 70s - 220 Volts - WORKS GREAT  Near Mint Conditions Made in USA.

 Morley was the name used by Tel-Ray Electronics, Inc. to market its excellent line of guitar effects pedals in the 1970's. Morley was famous for manufacturing nearly bullet-proof wah-wah pedals, volume pedals, echo units, and other effects devices for guitar. The tall chrome Morleys of the 70's were the Cadillac of their day, both in terms of size and prestige. Ruggedly built with solid engineering, many Tel-Ray Morleys continue to work even to this day.

The classic Tel-Ray Morley pedal used a treadle design, with a foot operated rocker pedal resembling the accelerator of a car. The treadle could be moved back and forth to control a parameter, or parameters as in the case of multi-function models. Essentially, Morley took the basic wah-wah rocker pedal format and applied it to other types of effects - volume pedals, echo pedals, phasers, flangers, and so forth.

However, whereas conventional wah pedals used a potentiometer driven by a rack and pinion gear setup, Morley broke ground with an entirely new principle. Morley pedals used electro-optical circuitry rather than a potentiometer to control the effect. The foot treadle controlled a shutter inside the pedal that in turn controlled the amount of light reaching a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR). This was a revolutionary and clever design, using simple yet sophisticated circuitry that was entirely new to effects pedals at the time. The advantage of the electro-optical design was that there were no potentiometers in the signal path to wear out or become "scratchy sounding" over time.

In addition, the LDRs employed in Morley's Volume Pedal design tended to "load" the guitar less than typical potentiometers, which tended to cut the treble response of an electric guitar when turned down (very annoying); by contrast, the sound of an electric guitar retained its high-end when turned down with a Morley Volume Pedal. Electro-optical circuitry was used throughout the classic Morley pedal line, which eventually included volume pedals, wah-wah pedals, delay pedals, chorus and flanger pedals, phasers, and many others. In addition to their electro-optical circuitry, Morley pedals were AC powered. This allowed Morleys to handle considerably more dynamic range than other pedals that relied on a 9-volt battery for power.