TC ELECTRONIC Booster Line Driver & Distortion -The Best !-

Actual vintage pedal from TC Electronics, it was/is the first true clean boost pedal used by countless pros to push their tone to new levels. The distortions are natural sounding drives that push on tubes to help them break up with incredible tone and sustain. The boost is perfect for an overall volume lift, or can be used to simply raise the bass or treble settings on the pedal. The noise suppressor is incredible - taking out all the hiss and electricity noise normally heard with a driver turned way up into the red zone.

Made for rocking, the Booster+ Distortion has been used by guitar beasts such as Frederik Thordendal (Meshuggah) and Scott Ian of Anthrax. Whether you use this baby as a clean booster, a powerful distortion, or an always-on tone warmer it will always stay true to your tone.Clean boost with EQ / distortion with EQ modes Legendary sound and tone