Plug the supplied 24VDC/100mA AC Adapter into an AC outlet. Insert the output plug of the AC Adapter into the Deluxe Electric Mistress’s power jack.
Plug your guitar into the INPUT jack and your amplifier into the AMP jack.  Push the slide switch towards the right, into the Flanger position.  Turn the COLOR control clockwise all the way.  This setting produces the maximum “swoosh” effect.  Turn the RANGE control all the way for the widest sweep.  Push down the footswitch and notice the change.  The footswitch allows you to add the flanging to your signal or pass it undisturbed.


The flanging effect can be thought of as a pitch slowly sweeping between high and low limits superimposed on the guitar signal.  The RATE control allows you to change the rate at which the effect occurs.  With the RATE control fully counter-clockwise, the effect occurs at the slowest rate.  Turning the dial clockwise increases the rate to the point where the frequency of the input signal appears to be shifted in a vibrato-like fashion.

The RANGE control allows you to set the lower limit of the sweep.  Fully counter-clockwise settings, where the lower limit is just below the higher, creates a very narrow sweeping effect.  Turning the RATE control clockwise lowers the low limit so that the sweep extends further into the bass.  In general, a faster rate (more cw) call for a narrower range setting (more ccw).  A convincing rotating speaker effect may be obtained by setting the rate near maximum, the range near minimum, and the color approximately half-way.


Pushing the slide switch into the FILTER MATRIX mode disengages the RATE control.  The RANGE control will now manually adjust the filter matrix.  Proper manipulation of the range and the COLOR controls will enable you to simulate the sound of chimes being played in unison with your instrument, as well as many other effects.

The DELUXE ELECTRIC MISTRESS has been set at the factory for maximum color capacity in the FLANGER mode.  Setting the COLOR control at its most clockwise point could cause an oscillation noise.  This is normal!  This oscillation may be reduced by a slight reduction of the COLOR control.

• Unplug the AC Adapter from the AC outlet after use. The AC Adapter always draws power from the AC outlet even when the pedal is not used. INSTRUCTION:https://www.ehx.com/assets/instructions/deluxe-electric-mistress.pdf
• Avoid operating near moisture.
• Rock-n-Roll!