Electro Harmonix THE CLONE THEORY  Chorus Vibrato 220 Volts

 The large '70s Electro-Harmonix enclosures and controls for rate, depth and chorus/vibe.

The original Clone Theory Vintage analog chorus featured bucket brigade circuitry, flange and vibrato, controls for rate, depth and chorus/vibrato (delay time), switch for chorus/flange and separate dry & effect outputs. This is a version two model from around 1978 to 1980.

Un Chorus analogico sensazionale, caldissimo, profondo e “spettrale”.
tre regolazioni “Chorus”, “Rate” e “Depth” e uno switch per passare da Chorus a Vibrato 220 Volts


A combination chorus/vibrato pedal that was made popular by Peter Hook (of Joy Division and subsequently New Order) and defined the sound of the 80’s new wave.