IBANEZ UE400 Compressor Phaser Overdriver St,Chorus/Flanger





 Musician magazine. September 1992 :

ADAM CLAYTON plays: Fender Precision basses and uses a Moog Taurus Mark I pedal MIDI'd to an E-Max Plus sampler. His switching system is a Bradshaw Rocktron. What are Adam's effects? Well, he puts on a sophisticated accent...  Oh, effects! He uses a Boss Chorus Ensemble and OD-S1 distortion pedals, and Ibanez UE400 multi-FX, an Ibanez DM1000 digital delay, a 120-X and a Drawmer DS201 noise gate. All this is transmitted by a Sony wireless. His tuners are Korg DT-1 and a Boss TU-12. Adam's preamps are two Alembic F28's and an Ampeg SVT II-P; he has BSS FDS-360 Crossovers. The power amps: two C-Audio SR707s, two C-Audio RA 3000s and a C-Audio RA2000. All of this majesty comes out of a pair of JBL spears -- 4755A and 4745A. The bass is mic’d with Sennheiser M421s and a Countryman direct box.