Vesta Fire Noise Gate Set 4 Modulo Noise Gate (one module have a broken switch but comes with new replacement)

This Vesta Fire MNT-1 is a single channel "half rack" Noise Gate. The unit is excellent condition and was manufactured in Japan. The unit can be powered by two different methods: 9VDC Battery (which would be located inside the unit by loosening the four outer housing screws, battery not included) or via the Vesta Fire MPS-1 external power supply (which can power up to eight Vesta Fire "half rack" units (see separate eBay listing)). The unit has a " T/S (unbalanced) female input jack, a " T/S (unbalanced) "footswitch" female input jack, a " T/S (unbalanced) "key" female input jack (which will trigger the noise gate by an external processor) and a " T/S (unbalanced) female output jack. The unit's front panel has the following controls/indicators: Sensitivity (sets the level where the noise gate activates), Decay (determines how fast the gate releases), Output (determines the difference between input and output signal, when output level is set to Maximum level, the output level is the same as the input signal), Effect LED (illuminates when the Effect switch is on), Effect Switch (turns Noise Gate effect on/off, can "bypassed" in the signal chain, signal will still flow through unit) and Mode Selector Switch: the upper switch position(unit operates as a "normal" Noise Gate), the middle switch position (the Noise Gate is "triggered" the "Key" jack on the back of the unit) and the lower switch position turns the unit off (Even if the unit is off and the Effect Switch is off, the signal will still "flow" through the unit, but the output level control will not work). Being that this unit is no longer offered by Vesta Fire, there is no warranty on this item (this system is being sold as-is).I have two rack mount frames available for the above unit (sold separately on eBay): RF-1 (which will "horizontally" rack mount (2) Vesta Fire "modular" half rack units side by side in a 19" 1RU frame) or RF-4 (which will "vertically" rack mount up to (9) Vesta Fire "modular" half rack units in a 19" 4RU frame).Specifications on the above unit:Maximum Input Level: +7 dBVMaximum Output Level: +7 dBVInput Impedance: 150k OhmsOutput Load Impedance: Over 10k OhmsGating Threshold: Variable from -48 dBV to -26 dBVAttack Time: .5 msRelease Time: Variable from 100 ms to 1.5 secGain: Variable from Infinity to 10 dBSize: 1 77mm/6.97" Wide44mm/1.75" High (standard rack height)130mm/5.11" Deep