Ibanez TUBE KING IBANEZ TK-999  TUBE KING OVERDRIVE ORIGINAL Made in Japan (not reissue)



This bears the Ibanez name but is maunfactured by the folks over at Tube Works. Like their Blue Tube and Real Tube pedals, the Tube King relies on a 12 AX7 tube to provides the overdrive. From the factory, these are supplied with flighty chinese tubes that have a way of changing the character of each TK-999 quite drastically. I'd test a few out if you have the option because with a sweet tube installed, the Tube King is a really a fine pedal. We tried a few different new old stock tubes (RCA & Sylvania) in this and it went from just ok to great really quickly. For those who can remember, I'd say this is much like an Ibanez Sonic Distortion in terms of all out crunchiness. The well-voiced 3 band EQ section is highly tweakable and can clean up or dirty up your signal as you see fit.

controls gain level. Turn it clockwise for more gain.
controls effected tone. Turn it clockwise for more lows.
Mid. Boost
controls effected tone. Turn it clockwise for more mids.
controls effected tone. Turn it clockwise for more highs.
controls effected output volume. Turn it clockwise for more volume.
NR On/Off
turning on this switch activates the noise reduction and NR threshold volume to cancel unwanted noise when no or little guitar signal comes out.
NR Threshold
controls noise reduction threshold level. Turn it clockwise for more noise reduction. With this knob turned clockwise too far, you may loose the pick attack especially when you play low output guitars.

Input Impedance
500 Ohms
Output Impedance
less than 10K Ohms
Equivalent Input Noise
less than -100 dB (input shorted, IHF-A weighted)
Max Output Level
+10 dB (typical)
Tone Control Range
Bass: 100 Hz 0 to 28 dB (typical)
Middle: 1 KHz 0 to 25 dB (typical)
Treble: 3 KHz 0 to 22 dB (typical)
Noice Reduction Ratio
1:2 or more (approximate)
Selected dual triode tube (typically Sovtek 12AX7WXT)
Power Consumption
175 mA at 10VDC / 165 mA at 9VDC
110 (W) x 160 (D) x 72 (H) mm
600 Grams