1979 WAL PRO BASS, First Serie & first year Natural,Solid Ash body, 1 HB pickup Active Circuit, RARE EX+


Un basso di culto facente parte del periodo magico della prima produzione con standard molto elevato di  5-6 bassi alla settimana per un totale di circa 700 bassi tra tutti i modelli.Carattere molto profondo e caldo come possibile sentire nel sound del primo Jonas Hellborg con pressione enorme ed output alto.

Instruments built by Electric Wood in High Wycombe (Bucks), England since 1978. In the mid 1970s, Pete Stevens joined London-based repairman Ian Waller to design the Wal Custom bass guitar. In 1978 the two incorporated into the company called Electric Wood, and produced numerous custom basses. Ian Waller later passed away; however, Stevens continues production to date. Wal custom basses are available directly from Electric Wood or through a few selected dealers.

Martin Kemp playing his maple topped Mk 1 Wal at Live Aid with Spandau Ballet

Laurence Cottle http://www.globalbass.com/archives/aug2001/laurence_cottle.htm

Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree)

John Illsley (Dire Straits)

Geddy Lee (Rush)

Nick Beggs

Greg Lake (Emerson Lake and Palmer)

Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam)

Justin Chancellor (Tool)

Jason Newstead (Metallica)

Steve Severin (Siouxie and the Banshees)

Jonas Hellborg