'76/77 GIBSON THUNDERBIRD, Sunburst, Limit Edition '76, Perfect frets and rosewood fingerboard, low action SUPER EX+code BA933


This is a rare and limited release version of Gibson's famous (and cool!) Thunderbird bass. Made only in 1976, the Thunderbird 76 Bicentennial model has a full 34.5inch scale, and chrome humbucking pickups that give these basses their huge sound.Full neck-through mahogany neck, with mahogany body 'wings', this bass resonates beautifully, yet weighs a very comfortable. Strong Sound All original come with Gibson Hard Case.

Thunderbird 1976 Series U.S.A.
Standard Colors: Sunburst, Natural, Ebony, White.
Pick Ups: 2 Thunderbird Humbuckers.
Body: Mahogany.
Neck: Mahogany.
Fingerboard: Rosewood.
Number of Frets: 20.
Scale Length: 34 ½ inches.
Options: Raised Neck-Through Construction
Dot Inlays
Chrome Hardware
Two Piece Bridge and Stop Bar
Two Volume Controls
One Tone Control

Gibson made their "76" Bicentennial T-Bird in 1976 and 1977. Most of the production was actually in 1977 due to the fact that it took them a long time to ramp up production in 1976 and had to carry it over to 1977 in order to fill their dealers orders.

Here are the totals you're looking for.

Natural = 461

Tobaccoburst = 833

Ebony = 392

White = 127

You can tell which year a Thunderbird was made by its serial number. A serial number starting with 00 was made in 1976 and one starting with 06 was made in 1977.

Paul Gray

Martina Michèle “Tina” Weymouth -Talking Heads -

Marty Davis

Nikki Sixx(Motley Crue) with his Gibson Thunderbird bass


Adam Clayton - U2

Tom Peterson CHEAP TRICK