1962 EKO Bass Mod. 1150/TO/2 Woodgrain Celluloid 2 Pickups Short Scale with OHC code BA48

Beautifull and extremely rare Eko Bass 1150, 100% original, very nice neck with very good frets ready to play with low action. Maple Neck D profile. Rosewood Fingerboard. Width Nut 39mm, Radius 7,25", 21 Frets Medium Jumbo with zero fret, Scale length 30" (762 mm)  Width at nut: 39 mm  Radius: 7.25 " Frets: 21 Medium jumbo frets (+ a zero fret) Comes in Original EKO Case

Eko 1150 Violin Bass made in Italy in the early 60s (62-64) and according to the Eko fetish site less than 300 might have ever been produced./html/eko/index/1150.htmlThese are an unusual bass, obviously styled around the Hofner made famous by Paul McCartney made the violin bass concept immensenly popular during 1964. but a pretty unique take on it.It features a faux wood grain body made from some kind of plastic/composite body, a scroll headstock , twin pickups with switching and controls with faux wood caps. Really unique and retro.Overall in very good condition for age. They were offered alongside the 500, 700 e 1100 series, and followed a parallel evolution (see individual instrument descriptions for further details) .At the end of that year the Eko 1150 solid bass was discontinued and substitued with the much more successful semi-acoustic 995 series. The Eko 1150 is consequently a very rare beast. (by Jack Marchal)