Trace Elliot AH500X complete of original Switch

Trace Elliot AH500X

Single input, switchable 11 band EQ, crossover and 2*250W poweramp. Transformer-DI, switchable pre/post EQ. Line in/line out for master-slave-use. Effects loop. Powerful enough, sure, anytime ! And as a bonus it has a "black-light"-tube on the front making it glow in the dark !!!
It's quite versatile with pre-gain, volume, and individual volume for each of the power-amps, so there is a lot of knobs to set right. The pot's are all dented, so it is really easy to use anyway. And it is very quiet, so however You set it the noise-level is not a problem. A foot-pedal to switch the effects-loop in/out would be a nice addition !
The head is built in a very sturdy, quite heavy box, and it can take a lot of abuse without being damaged. The front and back-panels are recessed so the controls and connectors are very well protected even during use. Had it for a while, and no problems so far (knock-on-wood)

This head sounds fantastic regardless of musical style. Adjustable input & output levels. ELEVEN band graphic EQ , noise reduction , graphic  balance level. Graphic EQ button & mid cut shaping button. These two buttons are a little sticky sometimes but not a problem when using the foot switch. This head was built in England and has that famous black light to illuminate the fluorescent green control panel. With an EFX loop , line in , low & high send , this amp packs a lot of features into a compact head. Has two separate effects loops for each amp channel( 250 watts each). You can run it mono, stereo or biamp with the internal crossover. Shoot you can use one amp for the bass and the other for monitor, p.a. or any other source. Plus there is a custom switch to shut off the fan  when practicing at low volume levels.