BassBase250 Hughes&Kettner

the Hughes &Kettner BassBase250!The BassBase250 was designed by a group of musicians and technicians tomeet the needs of the professional bass player.Superb tonal characteristics and sophisticated features define the Bassbase250 asa professional bass amplification system. Both the compact, easily transportablecombo and the elegant head versions of the Bassbase 250 are at home on stage and, thanks to sophisticated signal routing possibilities, in the studio.

BASS TO THE FUTURE - The bass sound of the nineties. The BASSBASE series was developed to cater to the player who demands more than just flash features from an amp. On the contrary, we purposely limited the design of the BASSBASE 250 amps to those features we consider of utmost importance, and subsequently applied the strictest quality control.

The BASSBASE 250 combo delivers superior basic tone, from a jazzy, walking bass sound to a funky slap attack, due to the tube pre amp's innate compression and dynamic characteristics. 250 watts solid-state poweramp with 'DYNACLIP' circuitry. i.e. poweroutput reserves without clipping al dynamic peaks. Effective tone controls featuring BASS, parametric MID-RANGE (Freq./Level),TREBLE, EFFECTS LOOP,HEADPHONES jack, back lit front panel