VICTORIA 59 Bassman  45410 recreation of the ’59 Bassman New Cond. N.O.S. Made  on October 2007code AM412


His Victoria 45410 is the loving recreation of the ’59 Bassman and no detail is left undone. Our Victoria capacitors were designed specifically to sound like a slightly degraded, 40 year-old cap. If you’ve ever wondered why expensive new ‘reissue’ amps often sound cold and chiseled compared to their vintage counterparts, now you know. The 45410 is a complex, detailed, and dynamic amplifier that responds to pick attack like no other amp on the planet. It’s also a rock solid bass amp for recording and club work.

-45 watts of power
-5F6-A Type Circuit
-Class A/B Adjustable Fixed Bias
Push/Pull Operation
-Tubes: 1-GZ34, 2-5881, 2-12AX7,
-Speaker: 4-Jensen P10R Speakers
-Cabinet Size(HxWxD): 23”x24”x10.5”
-Weight: 48 lbs.