FENDER 1x12" Black Face 75/15 switch Watt, All Tube, Reverb, 1980  Rivera Proget

 1980 Fender Model 75, 75 watt, Rivera Designed model combo amp.
All transformers are original. Amp works fine. Has Hi-Lo power switch.
Tubes are 6L6GC x 2, 12AX7 x 3 and 12AT7 x 2
Front panel reads left to right:
Input, Input, Bright Switch, Volume (clean), Treble with pull-knob boost, Middle with pull-knob boost, Bass with pull-knob boost, Lead Drive, Reverb, Lead Level, and Master Volume
Rear panel reads left to right:
AC outlet, Ground, Speaker output(2), line/recording, effects in/out, output tube matching, footswitch (2), reverb tank(2) and hum balance.

RECENSIONE: http://chitarra.accordo.it/article.do?id=18468