first 1965 Fender Twin Reberb "Fender Electric Instrument" Product Black Face 2X12"JBL 110-220 volts Europ.Transf  RARE A03036

Very nice Twin first 65' with a amazing sound e fantastic reverb The holy grail with "The Year" everyone talks about. Two Rare 12-inch JBL speaker. A few amps, like the Fender Twin Reverb, have become standard pieces of gear because they are reliable, predictable, and just do the job very well. You can see Twin Reverbs on stages of almost any player at any level, where clear, clean tone has to fill a largish space.This is a Fender Twin Reverb in ‘Blackface’ dress, dated to 1965. The front control panel dates to 1964 with write: " "Fender Elect. Inst. Co." the transformers to 1964 and 1965  Model : AB763 - Serial: A03036. The Two JBJ D-120 60's Gray with yellow label giving power, clear and deep tones with excellent dynamics. Some capacitors changed as usual to allow smooth operation without background noise. A beautil vibrato come with original footswitch.