HIWATT CUSTOM 50 SA112 1x12" Fane Speaker, Partridge Trasf. 1978 Code AM29

Made in 1978 in Kingston's Hiwatt factory in England, this Hiwatt Custom 50 1x12 "combo is ideal for those looking for the famous sounds of David Gilmour, Jimmy Page and Pete Townshend. Tube Guitar Amplifier, Mono Channel, 50 Watts of Power. this HIwatt Custom 50 1x12 "is equipped with the famous Fane speaker. Big, warm and round sound, this amp is the perfect "pedal eater" Made in UK (Kingston Factory) 50 watt Single Channel Bright + Normal input Master Volume, Bright Volume, Normal Volume Eq (Bass Middle Treble), Presence 1x12" Fane Speaker