WEM Clubman

A sturdy valve amplifier producing 5-6 watts of clean power helped by a heavy duty speaker.
Using an ECC83 in the preamp and an EL84 for the power amp, with a 10" speaker. Two inputs with volume control and separate treble and bass controls. Finished in black leather cloth with silver trim.Tonally, this is a smooth, deep amp that sounds just amazingwhen cranked up, and the tone rolled off; some great cleaner tones too, but absolutely never sterile. Have a listen to some of the sound clips sound  below.Two inputs volume, bass, and turning the  treble knob up switches the amp on so it is also the power switch. Perfect ready to play with original Wem cover.

This site is dedicated to Watkins / WEM / Wilson Guitars and WEM amps:
Noel and one of his cherry sunburst Les Pauls whith the WEM amp

Roger Waters  Pink Floyd live in Pompei with the BINSON  and WEM amp