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1972 Mesa Boogie MARK I Reverb (ORIGINAL Not a reissue!) 100Watt EQ Electro Voice 12"SRO - Serie A-113 Koa Wood

The Mesa Boogie is born from the genius of a certain Mr. Smith Randall who set himself, as he says, for fun, to modify the Fender amplifiers. The distribution started from the Mark series. And the Mark I is its progenitor. The impression is actually that of having a "Fender +". A more dried and compact Fender. We could say that we are going to lose 10% of the soft Fender, in order to have a substantial increase in incisiveness, compactness and, above all, versatility.With this amplifier we can easily make Jazz, in a very convincing and less "broth" way than with a classic Fender. A couple of moves and we go to the Funk. Tac, tatac and we make pop, grunge, metal, grind-core or whatever comes to mind.

My Mesa with Santana I

Carlos Santana talking about the Mesa Boogie Mark I amplifier