MARINUCCI Tube Amplifier Made in Italy Hand Wired 3 EL 84 and 3 ECC83 tubes Lesa Pots Gray tolex very similar to the Ampeg. very nice Vibrato, 2X10" speakers 110-220 Volts. Amp is in all working well conditions ready to play

Marinucci is a company created in Recanati in 1922, which was active until the early 80s. In the 1950s it was one of the main Italian exporters of accordions. The founder Erideo Marinucci was a pioneer in the conversion of the sector towards keyboards with the construction of electric fan organs (Marinucci's have harmonium sounds for poor people, precisely because they were intended that way, but which today enjoy a super-vintage statute which arouses a certain cult). At the beginning of the 60s, Erideo Marinucci bought virgin land extending over more than 25,000 square meters, near the center of Recanati, Via Ceccaroni, and built a gigantic factory there which, however, never began to produce musical instruments and was sold to Oliviero Pigini who set up the Eko factories there.